Hacker Models New Micro Magic ARTR - Product Review and Build Notes

Hacker Models New Micro Magic ARTR - Product Review and Build Notes

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Product Review and Build Notes for the Hacker New Micro Magic ARTR

Author: Mike Eades

This is an excellent, in depth review of the Hacker nMM ARTR with extensive build notes. It is important reading for everyone, as it shows that we now have a very well-built, light, and fast ARTR. Mike is two-time US National Champion and knows the subject here well!

Product Review etc. -- Hacker nMM Article for MY #204 Final

Building the Hacker new Micro Magic Kit

Author: Greg Norris

Another important article. An in-depth review of the Hacker nMM kit with lots of very specific build recommendations. Again, important reading for everyone, as it describes the highest quality MM kit ever available. Greg is the current US MM National Class Secretary.

nMM MY204 kit build 20210124

A New Version of the Micro Magic Class Rules

The link below will take you to the newest version of our class rules. This version is unchanged from the previous versions, except that I (Greg Norris) had used an antiquated sail diagram. My error completely and I apologize. Happily, Geert Middel made a nice new version of the sail diagram and I have replaced the antiquated version of the sail diagram with this new one. Thank you, Geert!

Obviously, this version of the MM Class Rules replaces previous versions. And as always, comments, criticism, and/or requests for edits are welcome. Just contact us at mmsailinginternational@gmail.com.

MMI Class Rules 2021-01-06

A New Set of MM Class Rules

"We have updated the MMI Rules to include the new MMs from Hacker Model Production. We have also added a new rule, 6.2, to prohibit additional telemetry in the class.

MMI Class Rules - 2020-12-27 (superseded -- see above)

As always, please contact us at mmsailinginternational@gmail.com with any comments, suggested changes, or complaints.

Adhesives for the Hacker New Micro Magic - Glues Easily Available in the US

Author: Greg Norris

This article is intended to be used in conjunction with Geert Middel's careful quantitative adhesive testing below. It exists solely because European adhesives are not sold under the same brands and names in the US.

Adhesives for the Hacker New Micro Magic (article)

Adhesives Easily Available in the US

Adhesives for the Hacker New Micro Magic (spreadsheet)

Adhesives Easily Available in the US

A Careful Test of a Variety of Adhesives for the New Micro Magic

Author: Geert Middel

Hacker New Micro Magic Construction Instructions

This is in Czech, German, English, French, and Spanish. The illustrations and diagrams will be of interest to everyone.

Link to Construction Instructions

A general note on the history of the nMM by Martin Clemens of MM Germany

Micro Magic - was there something?

The future of the Micro Magic class was uncertain. Like other modeling activities, it suffered from a decline in general interest. But with the end of the boat production by the Graupner company the end seemed to be sealed sooner or later.

That is why it sounded unreal when in 2019 the Czech model building company Hacker Model Production a.s. announced to Micro Magic International Office its interest in the production of a new boat for the Micro Magic class.

The New Micro Magic on a test drive

Months of work on this project followed - during which time the Corona pandemic broke out. But the Hacker company did not let itself be put off and, with the support of some people (Elmer Boon and others) from the MMI sector, used its skills to bring the "small but nice" Micro Magic, which Thomas Dreyer designed in 1998, back onto the market with a new freshness.

The boat that stands for recreational fun - not too expensive, simply built, easy to transport, offering great sailing fun. An interesting field of activity for hobbyists, challenges in regattas for sailors. And for recreational captains a guarantee for beautiful days on the lake. Behind it, an international and well-connected community that has grown over two decades, as well as thousands of boats.

So now there is a New Micro Magic! A few months ago, after being tested by the Micro Magic International Office, the boat was approved according to the MMI Class Rules for regattas of the class. Old and new boats are largely identical and, if built according to the Micro Magic International Class Rules, can be considered one-design boats.

The manufacturer has started production of the New Micro Magic in initially 4 variants. The boat can be ordered online on the Hacker website, and sales through local dealers have also begun.

The international Micro Magic website as well as the various national websites offer all information about the boat, its construction and operation, and events. There are forums where you can exchange information with other Micro Magic sailors. 

Jan 29th 2021

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