Part Two, An Introduction To RC Plane Parts & Accessories

Part Two, An Introduction To RC Plane Parts & Accessories

Sep 2nd 2016

In part one of this series, we went over two essential parts of an RC model plane: the battery and electronic speed control. In part two of this series we will explore the importance of your model airplane’s motor, receiver and servos.

Motor (Brushless Outrunners)

Most all rc electric motors in the airplane hobby are brush-less which means they are 3 phase out-runner motors. Depending on the size of your aircraft and its weight will determined the correct size motor, kv and prop size as well as what cell/mah lipo battery will be required. Our models have been tested to match specific motor weights, kv and prop spec's which are all listed on our site.


A servomechanism, also known as a servo, is an automatic device in your RC model airplane that uses negative feedback to correct the performance of the plane. Servos are also know as the hearth of a model since they do most of the work to control your aircraft. The number of servos your aircraft has will vary depends each different type of model offered. Its very important to spec servos out accordingly to manufactures recommended setups.


Matching your propeller size to the correct lipo battery can be key to flight performance and run time. Its important to follow recommended manufactures spec's for these two since diverting can over load motor and or esc.

Receiver(RX) and Transmitters

The Transmitter (radio) and receiver for your RC model airplane will usually be determined pior purchasing an plane. There are multiple Radio/RX brands as well as frequency's available, some common frequency and brand are Spektrum,JR and Futaba. The receiver are installed on the model itself, which is powered by the Lipo battery and controls the brush-less motor and moves the servos which are all controlled by the transmitter (radio).

While choosing the right RC model plane is an exciting process, it’s also important to know the basic parts of your aircraft before jumping into the construction process. If you’re interested in taking your RC modeling to the next level, browse Twisted Hobbys high-quality variety of RC model airplanes, multirotors, power systems, and  accessories parts.