VA Model Nieuport 17 Build & Flight Review

VA Model Nieuport 17 Build & Flight Review

Published by Chris Doerr on Mar 2nd 2020

One of the most detailed scale EPP models we have every seen before!

The 40" EPP full fuse Nieuport 17 was designed to give the feel of flying the real scale model, great sport flyer for parts and larger fields. Realistic and dynamic flight characteristics that will appreciate it for beginners as well as advanced pilots. It has a wide speed range and pleasant flying behavior, Neiuport 17 is intended primarily for sports flying and scale looks.

CNC / Laser manufactured for highest quality EPP foam air-frame best its class. Semi construction of fuse which speeds building, most of the air-frame is constructed from EPP with great attention to detailed graphics, which combine elegance with ferocity. Graphics design is unique and high detailed as is all construction parts.

This is a nicely detailed kit from VA-Models, being distributed by Twisted Hobbys. The fuselage has a fair amount of the construction already done, which helps a lot in keeping the over all build time to a minimum. Lots of times the EPP "scale" planes look good at a distance, this model looks great up close..!! Hard to believe that it an EPP foamie. They did an outstanding job adding in all the little bits of scale hardware, high quality-high resolution printed scale graphics and clever building techniques. If you are wanting to add your own optional details, like a pilot or something... this is a 1:8 scale aircraft.

Certainly not as easy or quick to build as a Crack Yak, but still simple enough novice builder, while still providing opportunity for the more experienced builder to really knock this one out of the part with additional details. Most of the construction is done with thin and medium CA, this makes for quick construction and a nice solid airframe. It is worth mentioning that there is an included jig to get the upper and lower wings set properly. Lots of times this is a bit of a chore with biplanes. Another hint would be to read thru the manual, fully understand the steps and test fit along the way before putting glue to foam.

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