ZOHD Nano Talon and other PNP FPV planes now available!

ZOHD Nano Talon and other PNP FPV planes now available!

Published by James Abbott on Jun 21st 2019

The Nano Talon is now available at Twisted Hobbies along with ZOHD's full line of plug-and-play FPV planes!

ZOHD Nano Talon Assembly and Flight video

These high performance kits are really thoughtfully designed and look fantastic. Assembling the Nano Talon takes under 5 minutes thanks to clip on wings and tail pieces - the servos are all housed within the fuselage pre-assembled with a very clever linkage system that makes it quite durable and aerodynamic. 

The model comes pre-assembled with a Gyro, no programming is required for the V-Tail and the stabilization makes it quite easy to hand-launch and keep level. The plane seems impossible to stall with the Gyro, when you let go of the throttle and pull up into a stall the nose just dips into a very controlled dive. 

There's tons of room in the fuselage for all sorts of equipment including FPV cameras, larger batteries, GPS, etc...the Nano Talon is also a ton of fun to fly line-of-site with just a receiver! 

With a 3S 1300mah it has plenty of climbing power and can fly for about 10 minutes - with the right configuration you can squeeze a lot of performance out of this model! Many use 4S batteries to get >70mph flights or larger 3S packs for >20 minute flights which is great for exploring with FPV. The 34" model weighs about 450g with a 1300mah 3S battery. 

Look out for more content to follow on these planes - find the Nano Talon, along with the ZOHD Dart and Talon GT here: https://twistedhobbys.com/zohd