Box Damage - TH 43" EPP EDGE 540 XL - Orange (A)

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Box Damage Edge XL O (A)
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Boxed damaged from transport.   Model seems to be fine otherwise.   Due to the natural of this product all sales are final.


Go insane! From the realm of "flies like balsa, costs and repairs like foam" arrived a new model from Rc Factory, the 43" EPP Edge 540 XL. Loosely based on the full size Edge, the unmatched Red Bull Air Race (TM) competitor, the Rc Factory's goal was to parallel Twisted Hobbys team pilot Cody Wojcik's legendary Veloxity performance while create a fresh appeal.

Model Spec's:
  Wingspan/Length = 42/43"
  AUW = 27-30oz.

Recommended Setup:
  (4) Metal Gear 14-18g (digital)
  70-100g Out-runner (250-450 Watts)
  30-45A ESC
  3s 1350-2200mah lipo
  11x4.7-12.6 Prop

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