Damaged Boxy 44" EPP FPV ProXy (Crack Vision)

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Damaged Box 44 ProXy - A
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Boxed damaged from transport.   Model seems to be fine otherwise.   Due to the natural of this product all sales are final.

We welcome the all new the ProXy!  This radical FPV-focused airplane which is designed to merge everything we love about flying 3D foamies, FPV quad copters, and Twisted Hobbys creativity, enabling new flying styles and possibilities.  Fly inverted through a race gate, hit a gap between trees knife edge, or just effortlessly cruise over the tree tops exploring.  Careful attention has been paid to the entire aerodynamic design to eliminate the keep the ProXy incredibly stable and eliminate the wagging normally associated with flying wings and heavier platforms. Lots of side area and full rudder control means you can fly continuous knife edge or even make totally flat turns like a race car.  Not lined up with that gap?  Just a breath of rudder will have you headed in the right direction.

The ProXy has a much lower flying speed than other FPV airplanes, meaning it is right at home in the tree-filled park or parking lot normally reserved for just quads, and with its single rear-mounted propeller it is far safer than other fixed wing platforms, harmlessly bouncing off of obstacles, usually with no damage.  Oversized foam wheels not only enable touch and goes and controlled landings, but also eliminate the most troublesome and frustrating part of fixed wing FPV flying: hand launching.  Just put on your goggles, goose the throttle, give a touch of up elevator, and the ProXy will cleanly rise off of pavement, grass, a dirt road, or any reasonable surface.


Flying on the Elan 2205-2600 motor and a cheap 3S 450-1000 mAh battery (we like 850's), the ProXy is affordable to get in the air and burn pack after pack with.  It's also remarkably flexible for set-up and flies great with nothing but a simple receiver, a stabilizing receiver, or go all-out with a flight controller and iNav or Betaflight.  For a camera set-up, the ProXy delivers a great experience with a simple all-in-one unit, or a more sophisticated HD recording camera like a RunCam Split or Caddx Tarsier with a seperate video transmitter.  Of course, it's a great line of sight sport plane and cruiser as well!   Amateur Radio Device Info and Warnings:


Model Specs:
Wing Span: 44"
Length: 37"
AUW: 250g w/o FPV

Recommended Gear:
(4) 5-11g micro servos
(1) 10-20A ESC
(1) micro receiver
(1) 18-30g 2200-2600KV brush-less motor (flange base)
(1) 3s 450-1000mah Lipo
(1) 5046 Prop
- Option FPV Transmitter / Camera gear

Resources and Proxy information links:
PDF Manual   Link 1   /  Link 2



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