GEMFAN 75mm 3-Blade Props 3inch Propellers random (black/green/pink/clear) (2 pc)

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GEMFAN 75mm 2pc


GEMFAN 75mm 3-Blade Props 3inch Propellers, with 3mm shaft. Ideal replacement props for the Gripen Jet model running dual 1407-1408 motors.

Size: 75mm(nearly 3inch)
Paddle: 3-blade
Pitch: 3.4in
Hole diameter:5mm
Pad thickness: 7mm
Maximum blade width:15.3mm
Adaptive Motor:1408-1808 motor
Recommend motor:1408 3600kv motors

Package Includes :

  • 2 x CW or CCW propellers, random colors (clear, black, green or pick)

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