HM 20" EPP Mini Sbach 342 Red

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HM 20 Mini Sbach Red


Presenting the Hacker Model 20" EPP Mini Sbach 342 aerobatic model.  Focusing on sport acrobatic flight performance, don't let its smaller size fool you, this Sbach is one of the most enjoyable sport flying mini models we have had the pleasure to fly!  All durable EPP constructed with a full fuse design and clear canopy create a minimal building time required. 


  • Wing span = 500mm (19.65")
  • Length = 440mm (17.3")
  • AUW 80 - 100g (depending on electronic setup)

Required components:

  •   7-13g 2000-2350kV Out-runner motor
  •   4-6A ESC
  •   2s 180 – 250mAh battery
  •   Micro Receiver
  •   (4) 1.7-3.5g servos
  •   6x3 to 7x3.5 GWS DD Prop

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