HM 30" EPP PittsBull - Red

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HM 30 PittsBull Red


Hacker Models PittsBull is our newest EPP biplane that has blown our minds!  While its basic shape and scheme follows tradition to the Pitts Model 12 aerobatic aircraft, that's where the similarly ends!  The PittsBulll was designed for the purest 3d pilot wanted maximum maneuverability and best in overall flight characteristics.  While this model was designed for in-door flight competition we have mostly tested and enjoy flying her out-door with great success.

Lightweight yet durable designed from unique EPP material and carbon reinforcements the Pittsbull is built to destroy the competition!  With its huge control surfaces and the full-flying elevator allows for up to 90 degree throw along with duel aileron servos this model allows for multiple types of flight with different flap and mix functioning.  The PittsBull is a must have in your hanger!

Model Spec’s: 
  Wing Span = 30" /  33" Length 
  AUW = 6.7 oz (depending on lipo size)
Recommended Required Electronics:
  20-25g 1800-2200kv Out Runner Motor
  10-20A ESC
  (4) 6-7g Servos
  2s 450mah Lipo Battery
  Adhesive Glue (Beacon or Welders)

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3 Reviews

  • Posted by bill G on May 5th 2019


    HM 30" EPP PITTSBULL 4.5 *

    I personally am not a fan of EPP and much prefer depron for 3D/Freestyle indoor gymnasium flight. However I understand the move by almost all manufacturers to EPP. Its flexible and withstands more crashes then the average pilots skills usually has in a gym. Therefore he is happier with the product. That being said because EPP is flexible it usually does not fly as well as the stiffer lighter depron, although it is more crash resistant as noted above. In the quest to make EPP lighter, thinner 3/4 mm stock is being used as opposed to originally being built out of 6mm EPP stock. To stiffen the thinner 3MM EPP more carbon fiber rod supports are needed to keep the plane from being TOO flexible in flight. So this is the tradeoff. This plane is no exception. That being said for an EPP plane (especially a bi-plane) it flies very well. The Elevator build is slightly complicated but superior to other manufacturers end results. The plane flies well, this is a Freestyle tumbler, not a F3P flier. It wants to do axial rolls and rolling circles, it wants to torque roll without the pilot barely trying. What this adds up to is a very fun (mostly indoor) airplane that can take a little beating on the fuselage since its EPP, although you might be re-glueing some struts if you are of intermediate flying skills. All in all I really like this plane, its so much fun to fly. It likes to fly fast, but can fly slow when needed, thanks to the Elevator throws and relative low AUW weight. There are videobuild instructions on youtube, which I found very helpful. The manual pictures are black and white and too small, this is a slower, complex build but not overly complicated. I highly recommend this plane for average toadvanced 3D pilots.

  • Posted by James Winn on Dec 28th 2018



    I have had over a dozen 3D profile foamies and flown many others. This little plane out performs all the rest. The massive control surfaces and high thrust of the little motor on 3S results in instant response to stick and throttle inputs. Tons of fun to fly!!! Here is a recent video: