HM 32" EPP Edge 540 V4.1 (Super Lite) Purple

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HM Edge 540 V4.1 Purple


Hacker Models new 540 V4.1 indoor super lite series version of a great acrobatic model with lots of innovations for extreme indoor flying. The model excels in easy construction and has been improved for even more fun and flight experience from beginner to experienced 3D pilots. The basis of the light and strong construction is a new EPP material with 10% lower weight while maintaining the original flexibility. Experience a lot of fun with you...

  Wingspan = 32"
  Length = 33"
  AUW = 135-145g

  (3) 4-10g servos 
  20-24g 40-80W Out-runner (1800-2300kv)
  6-15A ESC
  2s 360-450mah lipo
  8-9" Prop
  Micro Rx

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