HM 36" EPP MadBull "Red"

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HM 36 MadBull Red


We proudly welcome Hacker Models newest highwing 3d plane, the 36" EPP MadBull.  Filling in the voids for those whom desire a mix of smooth relaxed flying yet can switch to all out 3d extreme beast model, this model prevails!  The MadBull scores very high on our charts at Twisted Hobbys by checking off all the right boxes!  

The MadBull has been constructed with the highest quality EPP materials, brightly printed schemes along with carbon fiber braced creating precise flight yet very durable and extremely fun to fly aircraft.  With its unique "VOP", full elevator movement, a full 90° rotation is possible, a design that comes directly from its brother the PittsBull.  Huge soft epp constructed tires allowing for hard impact absorption as well as the ability to climb over any obstacle, this surely is one Mad Bull!  With the use of 4 independent servo control surfaces allows the pilots to incorporate flap controls for an even larger range of mixing flying fun.  Although designed specifically for indoor venues, but like us, this model will mostly be flown out-doors with low to moderate wind.  Its time to enjoy your own MadBull.

For those that require electronics, Twisted Hobbys also offers a proven plug-and-play power combo which will provides the best performance at a reasonable price, available here.   Time to enjoy the MadBull
  Wingspan = 36"
  Length 32”
  AUW = 7oz (depending on setup and battery size)
Recommended required components:
  18-26g 1450-1800kv Out-Runner
  10-12A ESC
  (4) 5-7g servos
  2s 450-600mah with 8x4.3 prop

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