Outrunner 2206 1500KV 30g "TMW" Motor (Beast)

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30g BEAST 2206-1500KV

Twisted Hobbys "TMW" 2206-1500KV 30g Brushless motor A.K.A the "Beast" can used for any 7-16oz foamie model.   Our goal was to create one of the most powerful 2206 series motors available which the TMW 2206-1500kv successfully delivers its promise.   There is no mistaking the overall performance of the new Twisted Metal Works (TMW) 2206 1500kv motors with oversize can length along with super strong permanent magnets and special motor winding have allow us to surpass our expectations.  The new TMW 2206 out runner is capable of 80-140 watts of power depending on setup and application.   The 5.5mm and 7mm integrated removable hub design works directly with our Tuff props and also the GWS Slow Fly props

Our Recommended setup:

  • 2s w/ 8x4.3 or 9x4.7 Prop

Optional setup, not recommended unless watt tested and prop/hubs are true and balanced.

  • 3s w/ 8x4.3 Prop * Please Note * 9x4.7 is not recommended when running with 3s lipo's
  • 3s Lipo's this can damage motor or esc.


  • Constant Amps = 10 / 20 Burst
  • 2s 72 watts /3s 110 watts


  • Pre-Soldered Bullet Connectors, light duty O-Ring and mounting screws.
  • 5.5mm and 7mm integrated removable hub design