Outrunner 2206 1560KV 27g "Crack Series Pro" Motor (Beast)

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27g BEAST 2206-1560KV


Twisted Hobbys "Crack Series Pro" 2206-1560KV 27g Brushless motor A.K.A the "Beast" can used for any 7-16oz foamie model.   Our goal was to create one of the most powerful 2206 series motors available which the CSP 2206-1560kv successfully delivers its promise.  

Our focus was to create a more powerful, better balancing higher acceleration along with high quality parts and manufacturing then ever before. The all new fixed prop hub allows for easy install of prop saver band assembly.  Shallow height can for increased prop stability, high grade magnets with a new winding along with a hollow shaft allows for ultimate spoil up, cooling ability as well as increased thrust output.  Also we have increased the hardware spare parts for more prop saver hub's since they have been known to get lost, also more o-rings are now included.

Quality without compromise! There is no mistaking the quality, reliability and overall performance of our Crack Series Pro out runner motors.  Tested, proven to outlast and provide you with endless flights!  Running 2s or 3s the 2206-1560kv is capable of 60-120 watts of power.  The 5.5mm integrated new hub design works directly with our APC,GWS or Tuff Slow Fly props.  Twisted Hobbys "Crack Series PRO" 2206-1560KV 25g Brushless motor can be used for any 6-14oz foamie model.

Our Recommended setup:

  • 2s w/ 8x4.3 or 9x4.7 Prop

Optional setup, not recommended unless watt tested and prop/hubs are true and balanced.

  • 3s w/ 8x4 Prop * Please Note * 9x4.7 is not recommended when running with 3s lipo's
  • 3s Lipo's this can damage motor or esc.


  • 27g true weight with bullet connectors
  • Constant Amps = 10 / 20 Burst
  • 2s 72 watts /3s 110 watts
  • 2mm bullet connectors pre-soldered


  • Pre-Soldered Bullet Connectors, light duty O-Ring and mounting screws.
  • 5.5mm and 7mm integrated removable hub design

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  • Posted by John A on Feb 14th 2020


    This is a great motor I use it on my crack camel plenty of power!

    Twisted hobbies has the best products