Prop-Balancer - Magnetic Tool

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Prop MAG Balancer


Simply a must have item for your foamies!  One of the biggest power loss issues is an out of balanced prop! High Sensitivity Propeller Balancer, will work with all of our props in house.  Small and light weight unit weighing just under 50g. Ideal for 2-blade propeller less than 150g. Great tool a must have for the shop.
- Tapered propeller holder, automatically align the propeller to shaft center
- Magnet, none-pressure mounting solution of the balancer shaft ensures the maximum sensitivity and accuracy.

* Not recommended for propellers more than 150g in weight *

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3 Reviews

  • Posted by Wayne on Jan 4th 2018


    Prop Balancer

    I have used this once already. It has a swing out foot to help keep it standing. The magnets are very strong so they can hold a good-sized prop. It is a little too strong for smaller props.

  • Posted by Martin Wilson on Nov 28th 2016


    The unbalanced balancer

    I'm pretty disappointed with this prop balancer. I tested a prop, noted which side was heavier, re-set the prop between the knobs, and then a different side was heavier. I took the prop off, played around with things, and realized the knobs were unbalanced.