Punkair 51" EPP Wilco 1.3 Hang Glider - Blue

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HM Wilco 1.3 Blue


The PUNKAIR WILCO 1.3 (51") is the first RC hang ­glider that actually flies like a classic flying wing yet has the unique RC hang­ glider concept.  The WILCO 1.3 is an absolute the most FUN hang glider we have flown. The innovative design and brilliant semi­ scale­optics gives the WILCO racy flight characteristics whether your slope soaring or carving the demanding mountain thermals the Wilco has it all covered!  Want to air combat with streamers sure no problem!

The pre­-printed wing of the WILCO 1.3 is made of robust EPP in CNC cutting technology. Thanks to the well designed and high level of prefabrication and the extensive range of special fittings, the hang glider model is quickly assembled. With a CLICK you can equip the WILCO with a keel tube with a mini­ V­tail unit and thus achieve even better flight characteristics.  Assemblies quick and easy so you can start soaring now!

Also a matched Power Combo removing any guess work for all electronics required.
OVER SIZE SHIPPING BOX :  Depending on your location we recommend UPS Ground shipping option.

Model specs:
 Weight: from 400g
 Wingspan: 1300mm
 3ch = Radio w/ V tail mixing
Recommended required components:
  40-50g 1100-1200kv Out-Runner
  22-30A ESC
  (2) 9-14g servos
  3s 850-1350mah
  8x4 Prop

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