RcF Control Horn Adjustable End-Links (Small)

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That's right guys finally we have a adjustable control surface end-links that is very light weight, strong yet rigid by designed for no play or slop you desire.  Each weighing only a 1/4 of a gram!!!! These end-links work with all standard servo horns (5-14g) and also our custom Twisted Hobbys control horns.  This is the must have upgrade to your foamie!  Used on all Rc Factory smaller models.

Kit includes:

  • 4 - Alum locking block. Control rod opening is .080 or (1.8mm) & pin dia = .032 or (.8mm)
  • 4 - Screws
  • 4 - Ring fasteners

Extra Information

4 Reviews

  • Posted by Don on Jun 22nd 2018


    lightweight, adjustable

    These are great lightweight end links if you need the convenience of the screw adjustability. Super lightweight, where grams count on small airframes. They're easy to install (but make sure you get them where you want them on the servo arm the first time, as removing the locking clips is a bit of a challenge). As with all adjustable links, they're a bit 'kludgy' looking on the install - the exposed servo horn with the end link on top and the pushrod into the link doesn't give that smooth, clean look, but not much you can do about that when you need to go with this approach

  • Posted by Scott Davis on Nov 8th 2017


    Great product

    Great for foamies, lightest weight of all I have found.