Sonic Modell 49" (1238mm) EPO Mini Skyhunter Racing PNP (FPV Capable)

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Sonic Mini SkyHunter


This 49" (1238mm) wingspan Mini Skyhunter V2 PNP version with electronics but without assembling is a middle sized FPV plane of the legendary Skyhunter air frame series, it’s unique twin-boom tail wing design makes it fly super stable and agile, the compact fuselage is easy for hand-launch by yourself. In order to decrease the tail weight, we use high strength carbon fiber reel-pipe instead of normal tube, the EPO molded wing and fuselage reinforced by carbon fiber tube and strips, is light in weight but solid and strong in structure, pre-cut hatches for FPV gear offers multiple mounting choice for your camera, Vtx, GPS and battery.
  • Wingspan: 1238mm 
  • Length: 855mm 
  • Takeoff Weight: 830g
  • Middle size FPV plane for mid-range FPV flying
  • Very big room inside fuselage with sliding equipment tray for FPV gear and big battery
  • Re-molded 9g or 5g servos location for rudders if you plan on using them
  • Pre-cut hatches for gimbal / cameras / video transmitter / GPS / rudder servos
  • Multiple camera mount option, compatible for FPV and HD camera in the market
  • Tail boom length adjustable for the best CG setting
  • CG: On the main spar (Slightly forward for maiden flight)
PNP Includes: PNP means this model comes with electronic running gear though, assembly is required.
  • Brushless Motor - 2212 KV1400
  • ESC - 30A 2-4S Capable
  • Servos - 9g Nylon Gear
  • Prop - 8x4 E

Amateur Radio Device Info and Warnings: