TH 30" EPP Crack Pitts M12 Biplane Yellow

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TH Crack Pitts Y


The new Crack Pitts evolved from a very extensive design effort which started with the same formula and design concepts that created Chris Jewett's renowned Crack Yak.  It then added RC Factory's extensive experience with F3P biplane design and production, and topped it off with Twisted Hobbys team member and design engineer Cody Wojcik refining the flight envelope and fine tuning the air-frame to achieve an incredibly precise yet extremely capable aircraft that we are positive is the absolute best small EPP biplane on the planet!  In the Crack lineup, the Crack Pitts is the smooth, calm and stable aerobatic master to the Crack Yak's high functioning insanity, with the Extra Slick offering a feeling more similar to a smaller balsa 3D airplane.  In comparing the Crack Pitts to the Crack Yak many have said the Pitts can feel like a Crack Yak in slow motion.  

Designed from the outset to enhance preciseness, the enormous ailerons of the Crack Pitts provide a brisk roll rate when you want it.  The generous side area in the air frame means that directional stability is enhanced and KE flight requires very little rudder.  Knife edge loops are extremely tight and coupling is zero!  In addition to its exceptional flight qualities it will become a legend in learning tool durability and fly-it-anywhere usability.  The Crack Pitts is truly at home anywhere from the gym, to the front yard and all the way to the flying club!

Keeping true to Twisted Hobbys exceptional level of prefabrication, you will find all control surfaces are pre-hinged, with laser cut control horns, high quality printing, unique rigid yet light weight EPP construction design, adjustable end links for ease of fine tuning and all hardware needed to construct each model. In addition to what you have come to expect from Twisted Hobbys quality, you will find new construction methods for biplane rigidity resulting in an extremely clean looking final aircraft without any need for external bracing and vastly improved durability over other EPP biplanes. Now with HD landing gear included.
Model Spec's:
  Wingspan = 30"
  Length = 32"
  AUW = 7 3/4oz  (weight with 2s 25c 450mah and optional land gear installed)
  HD Landing Gear Included
  Spinner and Power System sold separately.
Recommended Required Components:
  (2) 5-9g servos (rudder/elevator)
  (1) 9-11g servo (aileron)
  Out-runner 23-30g 50-110watts
  12A ESC
  2s-3s 450-600mah lipo battery
  2s w/ 9x4.7 or 3s w/ 8x4.3 prop (running 3s with anything larger then a 8” prop may damage motor or esc.
  Welder Adhesive Glue

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8 Reviews

  • Posted by lawrence bibeau on Dec 9th 2020


    30" Crack Pitts

    This is bye far the best rc plane I have ever owned!! I have been flying for 20 years plus and have flown many airplanes. The design and durability of this aircraft are beyond belief. For me it is a 3d trainer and sport plane. It can fly slow and docile or crazy 3d aerobatics. Equiped with an Aura 8 just makes it even better. this is my 2nd one after 4 years+ so I decided to change colors and get rid of the hanger rash. the first is still flying!

  • Posted by Brian Sharp on Oct 7th 2020


    Easy build, Great 3D flyer, Easy flyer

    Build: started at 6pm. Purchased the power system, rx and servos Package also. Not use to using the contact cement recommended and It’s definitely way slower than CA glue but the next day it was solid. Completed build following day because of my late start. Build was straightforward and easy. Parts interlock. No issues. Did not install optional landing gear.

    Maiden flight: 500mAh 3s. 20% expo on Ailerons and elevator. Tons of power. Rolled within 5 seconds of maiden flight and immediately flew it into hardcore 3D maneuvers. It flies with absolute authority. Roll rate at max is blinding or as slow as you want. This birds will fly SLOW!

    2nd flight was conducted by my 15 year old daughter. 500 mAh 2s Rates at 50% with 20% expo on all channels. Flies like a trainer. She did basic rolls, loops, wing overs and basic sport aerobatics.

    Downside: the glue takes longer to work with than CA. Slows down the build but build time was still just a few hours.

    Upsides: Great foamy, fast, easy build, super fun and easy to fly, does great 3D, is built tough. Daughter and I are giving it 4 thumbs up.