TH 32" EPP Crack Laser "LITE" GREEN

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RCF Laser Green
  • TH 32" EPP Crack Laser "LITE" GREEN
  • TH 32" EPP Crack Laser "LITE" GREEN
  • TH 32" EPP Crack Laser "LITE" GREEN
  • TH 32" EPP Crack Laser "LITE" GREEN


Introducing the newest model in our Crack Series, "The Crack Laser"  The Crack Laser takes everything you know and love about the Crack Yak, Crack Pitts, and Crack Yak Lite and brings it to the next level.  Designed from the outset for the lower wing and power loading of the Lite series construction, the Crack Laser delivers the best performance to date in an EPP foamy!

The Crack Laser is the first Twisted airplane designed entirely with 3D CAD and analysis software by team member Cody Wojcik.  This design approach gave us new insights into aircraft performance and characteristics, and allowed us to achieve our performance goals better than ever before!  Large ailerons with huge inboard and outboard counterbalances provide an insane roll rate that stays absolutely consistent at all airspeeds and power settings.  A carefully shaped fuselage with T-canalizer provides for great lateral lift and rock solid stability, making knife-edge and precision rolling maneuvers easy and consistent.  The stiffening SFG's on the ailerons and elevator, combined with carefully chosen moments and areas make for an incredibly precise and true feeling in the can push, pull, and yaw has hard as you want and the Crack Laser stays perfectly true with zero coupling.  The trademark Crack step in the wing makes for perfect harriers without sacrificing high roll rates and quick response.  Remarkably, all of this occurs at slow, consistent air speeds, allowing you to feel comfortable flying hard in a gym or small back yard!

Model Specs: WingSpan 32" / Length 31"  AUW 160 / 175g w/ LG

Required Power System: Link
 Power System includes:
  CSP-2203-1800kv Motor
  CSP-15A ESC 
  CSP-D14M Servo
  CSP-D10M Servos (2)
  8 x4.3 GWS SF Prop

Other Requirements:
  Receiver  4 - 6 ch: Link 
  2s 350/600mah Lipo: Link
  Adhesive Glue :   Link

Build Resources & Replacement Parts:
  PDF Manual: Link
  Replacement Parts Page: Link
  Upgrade Parts: Link

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8 Reviews

  • 5

    crack laser lite

    Posted by captain wayne on Jan 31st 2024

    It was my 1st "indoor" flyer. Small parts are tedious, but I've watched videos to help with the next one. Instructions are in some cases unclear, but now that it's done and flying, I'm buying another one. I like that it has actual wheels, but catching my plane is something I will start doing more.

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    Laser Lite 32 inch Model

    Posted by Benton on Dec 9th 2020

    The 32 inch Laser lite is a wonderful and strong plane. To me, it is one of the best planes to start learning 3D. Even with my many years of experience, this plane challenges me every time I fly it! The battery of choice is a 2 cell 350 mah to 450 mah battery. Great plane to fly in up to 6 to 7 mph winds. It is also one of the best for small areas.

  • 5


    Posted by Dan Reed on Oct 25th 2019

    This plane is great I purchased the complete package. I have several planes from extreme flight 74"Laser v2, Extra 300, and 48"Laser and several planes from Precision Aerobatics, Addiction XL, Ultimate AMR 60 and the original Addiction. I can't believe how good this plane flies. I take it to work and fly in the parking lot and fly it in my back yard to keep my skills sharp and to learn new maneuvers without risking several hundred dollars with a bigger plane. This plane is a straight forward easy build, I highly recommend it. The 2s setup is perfect and plenty of power. I did use the APC 8X4.1 prop though it fits the hub much better.

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    Didn't know I could fly this good! Wow

    Posted by D Morcos on Jul 19th 2017

    Certainly will not be my only TH plane. Easy to build. Easy to put together. I purchased the recommended power package from TH and could not be happier. Today was my maiden. The only complaint I have is that I only had 5 batteries to fly. I have been flying less than a year and want to get into 3D, and while I have a plane that supposedly can do some 3D it is nothing like the laser. She flies absolutely fantastic. Took off from asphalt, landed on grass the first flight. After that I just let her go off my hand (no launch) just point up and throttle and she goes. And while I do not know how to hover or do harriers yet, I was able to bring her in so slow and do very short soft landing right at my feet. Take off and landing strip not required with this one. This also is the real flight simulator to me. I was doing maneuvers I would only do in the sim and it felt so easy and relaxed. I can go on and on. In short, do not hesitate to buy one, you will be glad you did.

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    Foam Tastic

    Posted by W Holmes on Oct 11th 2016

    Awsome print on this model assymblyis as always easy .Flies as if on rails ,no holds bared here.If you own a cheap knock off and wonder why the guy with the RC Factory plane is killin it then try the real deal and you will also know why Twisted sells only the good stuff,Believe that!!!

  • 5

    Laser is king

    Posted by Franky on Aug 27th 2016

    Shipping was fast and safe. Though i was sent the wrong color though customer service showed my my mistake I really wanted the Red color. Our club has just about every foamie under the sun most have warned me that if I purchase a twisted hobbies model they are different then the other stuff. Having built and flown the cheaper Chinese models that are copies of these for less cost I will now never go back. There is more then just looks to the difference just the feel of the foam and quality of parts the model builds perfect. Now i can't stop my addiction these Crack series models are truly amazing. Only issue is I now need more of them. Looking for my next fit

  • 5

    This is the best model I've even owned!

    Posted by Jeff Thomson on Aug 18th 2016

    I own the green colored laser. After owning other epp models similar I can now attest the the difference between them. The twisted hobbys epp is not the same as the chinese epp that is flexible and height and don't build straight anywhere near as well as the Twisted Hobbys models. After fully built there is over a 1 oz difference in which and that is a big difference for such a small model. Stop flying the other and don't plan on going back to save a few buck, my time is my time and i want the best Thank you twisted hobbies.

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    Both a Gentle and Agile Model

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 15th 2016

    This was my first TwistedHobbys plane and this is what got me addicted to 3D foamies. The crack laser is a slow, gentle, and durable 3D trainer for the beginner pilot but also a 3D monster for the experienced pilot. Being a 3D pilot myself I love flying it in the front yard and learning new tricks that I might want to learn with it before trying with a bigger model. What an amazing plane that TwistedHobbys made, a big thumbs up!

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