TH 32" EPP Crack Laser PRO "USA"

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TH Laser Pro USA


Presenting the Crack Laser Pro!  Built with thin but rigid and durable EPP foam, extensive carbon fiber bracing and reinforcement, and world-class design, the Crack Laser Pro aims to be the most precise, stable, and sharp small freestyle airplane the world has ever seen.

The original Crack Laser was a precision freestyle monster, designed to take advantage of everything the "Lite" construction had to offer.  With the advent of RCFactory's Super Lite construction, new avenues were opened for performance of Twisted Hobbys offerings.  Not just a re-casting of the Crack Laser with Super Lite construction, every line, moment, and area of the Crack Laser Pro has been breathed upon to take full advantage of the lighter weight, better aerodynamic properties, and increased rigidity of this build style.

Equipped with a proven and bulletproof power combo (including metal geared servos!), the Crack Laser Pro is simply breathtaking in the air.  It combines a huge speed range with lightning quick aileron response, zero-rock harriers, and of course, dead true knife edge.  Despite its low wing loading, it never feels sluggish.  The Crack Laser Pro is gentle and forgiving for newer pilots while remaining extremely satisfying to freestyle hot shots.
  Wingspan = 32"
  Length = 31"
  AUW = 140-160g w/ LG
  2x 4-7g servos (rudder/elevator)
  1x 9g servo (ailerons)
  Out-runner 19-22g 40-80 watts (flange mount)
  10-12A ESC
  2s 360-450mah lipo battery
  8x4.3 Prop

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8 Reviews

  • Posted by Miller rc on Jan 20th 2020


    The laser on crack

    I was thinking that my laser wouldn't fly that great got little warps here and there when assembling boy was I wrong. First toss and it was perfect I never thought I would warm up to a flat fused foamy but it snaps and has agile I thought was possible with these type of planes 100% recommended it so much fun

  • Posted by Brian Dorff on Mar 1st 2019


    The sharpest knife in the kitchen

    I have built 3 of these in the past 15 months, 2 USA scheme, 1 tech. What Twisted/RC factory has been able to do, to get a plane this strong, this rigid, this light, out of foam is amazing. The plane flies so light, and so sharp, without being at all jittery or nervous even at speed. Controls remain incredibly reactive at all speed levels. Rudder is as strong as it is in a vectored thrust model, and has zero pitch or roll coupling even at max deflection. You can literally do knife edge cuban 8's by rolling onto you side and moving the rudder stick back and forth under power. Torque rolls are a breeze, one you get it pointed straight up and rolling left with aileron, you can darn near run the pack dead without adding corrective elevator or rudder. These flight characteristics mean the plane will do every maneuver as well as any other plane on the planet. The kit is sublime. the fit and finish of the foam, the carbon, the 3d printed parts. the 3d motor mount nearly clips into place on the front of the fuse like a lego when completed, and the landing gear parts and the wing support attachments are keyed so they can't be installed wrong. If you want to learn 3D, I recommend the clik, If you want to master what it has taught you get this.

    Review over, let me tell you about my setup.
    I still have two of these, my newest is babied by me and is the most precise since it has the least damage. I fly it with a 2S 370mah pack with an APC 9x3.7 SF prop. great combination, plenty of power. The older one, now my "beater", has been set up with an APC 8x4.1sf prop on a 3s 370mah battery. it has stupid power, flying it is literally like hitting a high rate switch on the throttle. I have only used the TH electrics for all the kits. they fly so well and I have yet to damage a motor, esc, or even a single servo in 3 years. In the course of building 10 TW planes in the last 2 years, (4 Clik, 3 Crack Laser Pro, 1 Laser lite, 1 Lil fokker, 1 Crack Yak 39") I have had a total of 34 servos all have been either DMG40, DMG 70, or DMG90. Out of 34 servos, 32 have been perfect, 1 was dead from the factory and 1 jittered and centered poorly. both the defected servos were replaced immediately by TH no questions asked, and, more importantly, Any servo that worked properly from the start has continued to do so. that is right, zero stripped gears in hundreds (thousands?) of combined crashes, midairs, housecat encounters, etc. etc...