TH 32" EPP Crack Yak-55 Blue w/ HD Landing Gear

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TH Crack Yak B


Our most notorious 3d trainer Epp model!  The Crack Yak-55 was designed with Twisted Hobbys Team pilot Chris Jewett for the pilots wanting the most extreme flight characteristics in a profile EPP 3D model now with HD Landing gear included!   This model is the pinnacle for newer pilots and 3d pilots wanting to excel in the hobby.

With the newest design concepts for EPP construction this bird was made to be built fast and out last the competition.  Pre-hinged constructions along with new truss design makes the Edge one of the fastest EPP models in its class to built yet keeping the tail section rigid for precision flying.
Model Spec's:
  Wingspan = 32"
  Length = 31"
  AUW = 7.2oz with LG (weight with 2s 25c 450mah)
Recommended Required Components:
  2x 5g servos (rudder/elevator)
  1x 9g servo (ailerons)
  24-30g 50-120w Brushless Motor
  10-15A ESC
  2s 450-600mah lipo battery
  8x4 or 9x4.7 prop
  Adhesive Glue


9 Reviews

  • Posted by gene on May 8th 2019


    32" Crack Yak

    Very well engineered and very complete kit. Love it.

  • Posted by Unknown on Sep 26th 2018


    Great outdoor foamy!!!

    This is actually my second Crack Yak. First one did not disappoint! 6 years later the second one with HD landing gear has not either. Everything was nicely packed in the box and directions were straightforward. If you are wanting to freshen up on your 3D maneuvers and something small enough for those small yards, this is the plane to get.