TH 32" EPP Crack Yak-55 Blue

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TH Crack Yak Blue
  • TH 32" EPP Crack Yak-55 Blue
  • TH 32" EPP Crack Yak-55 Blue
  • TH 32" EPP Crack Yak-55 Blue
  • TH 32" EPP Crack Yak-55 Blue
  • TH 32" EPP Crack Yak-55 Blue
  • TH 32" EPP Crack Yak-55 Blue


Introducing the infamous Crack Yak-55, our ultimate 3D EPP model! Collaboratively crafted with Twisted Hobbys Team pilot Chris Jewett, this profile EPP 3D marvel delivers unparalleled flight dynamics for both aspiring and experienced pilots. Our innovative EPP construction ensures swift assembly and unmatched durability, outlasting the competition. This model features pre-hinged components and an advanced carbon fiber trust design, streamlining assembly while maintaining tail rigidity for precise maneuvers.

Each kit includes a premium printed EPP airframe, carbon fiber control rods, adjustable end-links, control horns, fiber motor mount, and enhanced snap links to eliminate control rod play. Elevate your aerobatic game with the Crack Yak-55!

Model Spec's: Wingspan/Length = 32"/31" AUW: 7.2oz w/ LG (weight w/ 2s 25c 450mah)

Power system components listed individual below:  Also complete "all in one" power system available here: Link 
  CSP-D14M Servo 
  CSP-D10M Servos (2 required) 
  CSP-2305-1500KV Motor
  CSP-15A ESC  
  9x4.7 Prop    

Other Requirements:
  Receiver  4 - 6 ch: Link 
  2s450/600mah Lipo: Link
  Adhesive Glue :   Link

Build Resources & Replacement Parts Links:
  Build Vide: Link

  PDF Manual: Link or Link
  Replacement Parts: Link
  Upgrade Parts: Link

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11 Reviews

  • 5
    My Go To Yard Bird

    Posted by Chris Reibert on Nov 15th 2022

    After dinner is done and before the sun sets I like to take this model out in the yard for some slow and low acrobatic fun. I have also taught a few guys in my club 3D flying with this model. Intimidation levels for 3D newbies are low flying something that is such a breeze to fly.

  • 5
    WOW - Way more capable than expected!

    Posted by LIONDOG on Jun 1st 2021

    Wow, wow, wow! When I was done building this (great instructions, great video, well engineered parts), I admit I was maybe slightly underwhelmed by the look of the product. When all said and done, not a cheap plane for a profile plane. And then I flew it. On a windy day. This thing is absolutely amazing. Just hangs in the air. Makes me look 10x the 3D pilot I really am. A blast in the wind. I would rate myself an intermediate overall pilot, but somewhat newer to 3D. This thing is a blast and has rocketed to the top of my grab-n-go fun/easy/insanely capable flier. Also, had a minor issue with an ESC at 11PM on a Sunday night. Wrote an email to customer support and got a reply within 10 minutes!!! Quick email exchange and we got things sorted out - thank you for the help!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Roger Dahlberg on Dec 18th 2019

    Ben out of the hobby for some time just picked up crack yak great job wish they had these back then !!!!!!

  • 5
    32" Crack Yak

    Posted by Tim C on Jul 26th 2019

    a trusted friend recommended these as 'the best' 3d foamie out there- and I found out why- you couldnt make a much better flyin plane. these unconventional/no airfoil/exposed minimalist hardware planes fly incredible- can roll/loop inches off the ground with no worries, last hovering I'd done was with 60 size helis, but a couple flights with this thing its getting almost as easy already... rolls are straight as an arrow, no roll coupling with fast loops, can rudder only flat spin with little aileron interaction, and hover/land right at your feet... no worries if bouncing it (FoamTac adhesive is tough yet flexible) only flying 2s/450s wanting to try some bigger stuff...dont think it needs the speed of a 3s, but would love a battery that could fly all day LOL. currently we have 13 flyable planes, 3 in the works plus a few retired nitro planes and my old 60 size helis...this little plane my be my favorite, as i can fly it anywhere and flog the heck out of it with no'd be hard pressed to destroy one of these, yet it will do anything- well except 100mph speed runs :)

  • 5
    32" Crack Yak

    Posted by gene on May 8th 2019

    Very well engineered and very complete kit. Love it.

  • 5
    Great outdoor foamy!!!

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 26th 2018

    This is actually my second Crack Yak. First one did not disappoint! 6 years later the second one with HD landing gear has not either. Everything was nicely packed in the box and directions were straightforward. If you are wanting to freshen up on your 3D maneuvers and something small enough for those small yards, this is the plane to get.

  • 5
    This is a fantastic model!

    Posted by Kevin on Jul 23rd 2018

    I've always thought Twisted Hobbys models were a bit pricey for a foam profile model but another member of my RC club talked me into trying one. Wow! What a difference! I could not believe that the model needed almost no trimming to fly straight and level and was amazed at how precisely it flies! I was used to flying $25 foam 3 d models and they are a lot of fun and fly well, but these make you feel like a much better pilot! There is no comparison.

  • 5
    Great airplane - easy to build - flies AWESOME

    Posted by kneeL on Aug 29th 2017

    Got this for my first kit build, ever. It was relatively easy to build even for a noob and I learned a lot while doing so. I am absolutely hooked and can't wait for my next one. But most importantly it flies awesome! Took one or two flights to get CG and trim sorted out and then it just flies perfectly. Super easy to roll, hover and knife edge, even for me! It's also great in tight-spaces. I am very happy with this plane and I highly recommending it.

  • 5
    Crack Yak55

    Posted by Albert C on Jul 3rd 2017

    This is a great 3D trainer, as it is really responsive. Too much so for me at first (beginner) in the windy area that I live in, but once I added a gyro, it is a joy to fly. Has enough power with the power combo kit to fly in wind. Would suggest metal gear servos for gyro use. The foam is amazingly strong and one of the better foams I have come across. It has taken a beating, but with a little Beacon foam glue, comes back together and looks as good as new.

  • 5
    Great 3D trainer

    Posted by L N Parsons on Jan 9th 2017

    This bird is almost indestructable and gracefully endure all the various crashes frequently present while learning the hairy low altitude 3D stuff. It's easy to repair and doesn't have any structural problem areas.

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