TH 32" EPP Sbach Red w/ HD Landing Gear

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RCF 32 Sbach R


The 32" Sbach Red/Black scheme (now with HD Landing gear included) was designed by Twisted Hobbys and David Kyjovsky of RcFactory for a beginner or the experienced 3D pilot wanting to fly in small areas.  With the newest design concepts for EPP construction this bird was made to be built fast and out last the competition.  With pre-hinged constructions along with new carbon fiber trust design makes it one of the fastest EPP models in its class to build yet keeping the tail section rigid for precision flying.  

Model Spec's:
  Wingspan = 32"
  Length = 31"
  AUW = 7.2oz with LG (weight with 2s 25c 450mah)
Recommended Required Components:
  2x 5g servos (rudder/elevator)
  1x 9g servo (ailerons)
  24-30g 50-120w Brushless Motor
  10-15A ESC
  2s 450-600mah lipo battery
  8x4 or 9x4.7 prop
  Adhesive Glue

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5 Reviews

  • Posted by Tony DCRC on Sep 23rd 2020


    TH 32" EPP Sbach Red w/HD Landing Gear

    The plane can be for beginner, but the build is not. The beginner builder can not build it well. Some parts are too small, I have a hard time to install them. I have referred to many instructions. They use different glue and a different way. I did it my way.

  • Posted by jeff on Jul 14th 2020


    VA Sbach

    I’ve flown a long time and with all sizes and configurations. This is the best handling aircraft I’ve flown to date. I built it with the TH recommended power/servo set-up which works excellent. Motor is quiet and powerful: servos complement the airframe’s crisp responses. It has no bad habits or odd behaviors. Flys very slow without muddy control response. Tolerates a bit of wind - handles predictably. Turn up the revs and throws and it’s a aerobatic monster. The SBach always makes me smile, and I fully enjoy it’s flight envelope even if I get only a quick flight in. It seems to like being heavy, so fly a 600 pack. Buy one - it will not disappoint.