TH 33" EPP Clik R2 "SUPER-LITE" Red

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RCF Clik R2 R
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Twisted Hobbys is proud to release the Super-lite EPP Clik R2, this is RcFactory 4th iteration of their famous world renown model with all new schemes ready to take on the competition!  This time we have gone fully for EPP/carbon construction, resulting in a plane that is much more crash tolerant (always a welcome feature indoors!). The rough surface of EPP also improves slow speed characteristics and down-line braking and allows for a lighter construction. The fuselage side area was increased and T - canaliser added for excellent knife edge and integrated performance.
The new Super Lite series embark a new adventure for in-door flight capabilities.  Enjoy ultra slow-motion flying associated normally with Depron but in full EPP durability and simplistic construction.
Don't let the cold stop you're flying this winter season! The all new EPP Inferno "Super-Lite Series" indoor models designed for the serious pilots wanting to get away from fragility occasional mishaps associated with Depron models. All new hardware is included: Complete carbon fiber wing spar/push rod, braces, micro control surfaces adjustable links, snap in links, laser wood control horns, indoor carbon fiber landing gear assembly, ready to be assembled right out of the box!

With the newest design concepts for EPP construction this bird was made to be built fast and out last the competition.  Pre-hinged constructions along with new truss design makes these EPP models quick to assembly all while still keeping the tail section rigid for precision flying.  Each kit includes the highest quality printed EPP airframe, carbon fiber control rod’s, laser cut wood control horns with adjustable links, fiber motor mount and snap-in links and shrink tubing. Landing gear included.

  Wingspan = 33"
  Length = 37"
  AUW = 120-130g
  Built air-frame with-out electronics = 65g
  (2) 4-6g servos (rudder/elevator)
  8-11g servo (aileron)
  14-19g 40-60W Out-runner
  6-12A ESC
  2s 360-450mah lipo
  8-9" Prop
  Welder Adhesive
  Micro Rx

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5 Reviews

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    Clik Review

    Posted by Richard S on Feb 14th 2017

    I want to thank you for the Clik. It flies great and... I'm able to fly it. It will be a while before I try the acrobatics I'm getting pretty good at on the sim, but I'm flying in the gym just about every day and building up more confidence as I accumulate stick time. To accomplish the same thing with the HobbyKing Galaxy, I would have had to build about a dozen of them. I have flown the Clik into the wall a couple of times, but I'm getting quicker at brining the throttle back to zero before I hit and zero damage.

    Again, thanks for a great plane,

    Richard Shilling
    Shoreline, WA

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    Awesome, high quality, very light indoor flyer backed by excellent customer service!

    Posted by a St. Louis flyer on Dec 12th 2016

    There are about 10 of us in our RC flying club that fly inside a gym on Friday nights ... ALL of us fly at least one indoor foamie, and all but a couple bring 2, 3, and in one case 4 foamies with them to fly ... ALL of those foamies are Twisted Hobbys' because we've found Twisted Hobby's foamies fly awesome, are high quality & complete kits, and their customer service is 5 Star. Most of us started with the Infernal because it is a little less complicated to build (a lot less carbon fiber), and it's perceived to be a bit more durable (its foam is thicker) to learn indooe flying with. That was my case. But everyone chose the Clik as their second indoor foamie because it is lighter, flies even slower and is an awesome flyer! Interesting, the 3rd most popular kit, amongs the fliers who bring 3 planes, is the Twisted Hobby triplane.

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    Posted by Ed Ice, Sr. on Nov 25th 2016

    I'm still in the assembly process but it goes together just like the Clik NG which i have had two of them. I'm really looking forward to the maiden flight which should be tomorrow.

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