TH 33" EPP Edge 580 SL - Blue

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Rcf Edge SL 580 BLUE


The all new Edge 540 V3 Superlite is an amazing model design resulting from over 3 years of refining and development by the indoor aerobatic pioneer and World Air Games competitor Jan Spatny. Oversize controls, the right distribution of fuselage side area and side-to-side thrust vectoring give this model some truly unique abilities. Whip-like snap rolls, tight knife edge loops or any other maneuver you can think of, there is nothing this plane couldn't do. Light 4mm EPP construction gives the model flying qualities that are on par with the best milled-out Depron planes, with the added advantage of much better durability. With strengthened aileron hinges, the model is ready for 4D (reverse thrust) flying. This model can run either PC05 or PC04 depending the tail servo size you would like to run.

  Wingspan = 33"
  Length = 36"
  AUW = 150-180g

  1 9g & 2 x 6-7g servos.
  19-22g 60-120 watts 
  10-15A ESC
  2s 360-450mah lipo battery
  8x4.3 or similar size prop

PDF Manual:  Edge 580

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