TH 35" EPP Crack Fokker Dr.1 Tri - White/Red

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TH 35" Fokker W/R


We're breaking all the rules again with the Crack Fokker! Twisted Hobbys has taken the feel and concept of WWI flying machines and daredevil pilots to fantastic new places.  Envisioned in the demented mind of Twisted addict Steve Marble, designed and drawn by Cody Wojcik, and realized by RC Factory, the Crack Fokker combines 3D flying, WWI dog-fighting, a huge speed range, and silly aerobatics for more fun than you can imagine.

With a whole new set of flight characteristics the Crack Fokker is like no other model we have.  Loops are beyond tight and roll rate is extremely axial and quick for the amount of wing area.  That huge wing area means that speeds range from surprisingly brisk to so slow it looks like a camera trick. The fun doesn’t stop there...with dual aileron servos you can even add mixing for multiple flap settings for tail-high slow speed passes and and even tighter loops than any other model.  The Crack Fokker is pure flying fun in a way that nobody has experienced before.

Paint and art work was inspired by one of the classic schemes, keeping true to the Fokker's roots.  Like all Twisted Hobbys models quality is superior and building is a pleasure with the latest hardware that eliminates excess weight while removing any unwanted play from all the control surface connections.

Twisted Hobbys as always has spent time selecting the correctly matched electronics for the Crack Fokker, available as a convenient power combo.  Recommended stock setup is 2s 600-800mah w/ 9x4.7 or 3s 450-600mah w/ 8x4DD for advanced pilots.   Enjoy the look of a classic Fokker Dr.1 with flight characteristics you have only dreamed of!

Model Spec’s:
  Wing Span = 35”
  Length = 34”
  AUW = 8.1 oz (depending on lipo size)
Recommended Required Electronics:
  24-26g 1400-1500kv Out Runner Brush-less Motor
  10-20A ESC
  (4) 7-9g Servos
  2s 600mah Lipo Battery
  9x4.7 Slow Fly Prop
  Adhesive Glue (Beacon or Welders)

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9 Reviews

  • Posted by Don from Finger Lakes Air Pirates on Jan 27th 2020


    DR 1

    Still nothing bad to say about Twisted hobbies only great things.
    Another plane that can fly indoors and outdoors. I have flown this in up to 15mph winds. I am still using stock setup recommended by twisted hobbies. No changes have been made and I love flying this bird. Very good presents in the air and on the ground.

  • Posted by Charlie on Jul 28th 2019



    This thing is incredible fun! I have the crack yak and ok it's good practice for 3d but this little fokker is a trip! Way easier and more fun to fly love it!