TH 37" EPP Revo P3 Biplane - Black -

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RCF Revo P3 - Black
  • TH 37" EPP Revo P3 Biplane - Black -
  • TH 37" EPP Revo P3 Biplane - Black -
  • TH 37" EPP Revo P3 Biplane - Black -
  • TH 37" EPP Revo P3 Biplane - Black -
  • TH 37" EPP Revo P3 Biplane - Black -
  • TH 37" EPP Revo P3 Biplane - Black -
  • TH 37" EPP Revo P3 Biplane - Black -
  • TH 37" EPP Revo P3 Biplane - Black -
  • TH 37" EPP Revo P3 Biplane - Black -


We welcome another wild yet beautiful amazing creation from Rcfactory’s team the Revo P3.  This new EPP biplane is a super-acrobatic biplane inspired by an actual world renown Revolution P3 aircraft flown by Skip Stewart.  Special wing core shaping has been developed specifically for this model creating a sharp precision flight yet allowing the 3d beast to come out with-in on command!  

As expected RcFactory's attention to all details shows in keeping this model light weight yet durable with hardware and construction highest in its class.  Twisted Hobbys has focused on creating a unique power system matched perfectly for your Revo P3 which will increase flight time and allow for the ultimate in flight experience.  * Spinner not included *   Two different power systems are now available for the V3 models.  The 58g motor/20A ESC (PC11) setup is ideal for light weight and slower flying acrobatics, or the 72g motor/30A ESC (PC72.5) setup which is heavier setup with more thrust. 

 Model Spec's:  Wing Span = 37"  AUW: 15-16.5oz (depending on components used)

Recommended Power System: 

Power System Components:
  CSP 2217-1170kv Motor
  CSP 30A Esc
  CSP-D14M Servos (4)
  11x5.5 Gemfan Prop

Other Requirements:
  Receiver  4 - 6 ch: Link 
  3s 1000/1500mah Lipo: Link
  Adhesive Glue :   Link

Build Resources & Replacement Parts Links:
  PDF Manual
  Replacement Parts
  Upgrade Parts

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9 Reviews

  • 4
    Revo Bipe landing gear

    Posted by lawrence bibeau on Jun 10th 2020

    This is a great flying airplane and will do just about everything. If you fly of grass, such as a ball field the landing gear design will not hold up. do not like the carbon fiber gear and small wheels. I ended up with a wire landing setup with much larger wheels. Problem solved!

  • 5

    Posted by Roger on Nov 15th 2019

    Totally amazing full blown 3D performer! I have had many biplanes that fell short, but this plane exceeded all my expectations. Another winner from Twisted Hobbys.

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    37" Revo P3 Biplane

    Posted by An awesome Biplane on Oct 30th 2019

    This biplane is wonderful - It flys like a scale plane, and has awesome 3D capabilities. The Revo is engineered quite well. These designers know what they're doing! The downloadable PDF instruction manual is well thought out and logical - easy to follow. Each step has a high quality picture and captioned detailed instructions. Those who are "construction challenged" will have no problem building this plane. The Revo flys like a dream. It offers scale-like performance, for regular sport flyers, and it's 3D capabilities are second to none. This is a nice stable plane for beginners learning 3D flight. Obviously, I recommend this plane. The Revo is my third 3D foamy purchase from Twisted Hobby, and I am very satisfied with each one. Thumbs up!

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    Super fun model

    Posted by Jeffrey Thompson on Aug 26th 2018

    Saw one of these at our local field and had to order one. Didn't take to long to build, deffentilay needed the manual since I was confused one wing placement and what type of glue to use and where. Would like to try other models as well but need to practice with this first!

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    revo p3

    Posted by Charlie on Dec 30th 2016

    Wow this bipeplane is amazing.I have owned several bipes including a precision aerobatics ultimate.This bipe tracks like a balsa ridgit and maiden did not go well started raining short flight .The second flight very well amazing aerobarics inverted rudder spins first class everything I tried it does very well I highly recommend it.

  • 4

    Posted by Paul kelley on Nov 24th 2016

    Before I glue the wings on I noticed that the wings are bowed so I had to remove the foam from the center support to make the Wayne flat . The wings needed carbon fiber X on both wings to make it str more rigid .

  • 5

    Posted by RRR on Sep 24th 2016

    Kit came package well except for the small parts bag which had a few small holes in which most of the small pieces were all over the bottom of box. This is not a beginners kit or plane. Building plans are down load from Twisted Hobbies site. Pictures with some some carbon fiber and arrows on where and what glue to use. Took me about 10hr to build over few evenings. Used 4 Suppo MG90s, Suppo 20a esc, Suppo 2212/15 930kv, ASP sf10x3.8 ptop, Hyperion Hv 1200, 60c 3s Oh boy does it fly and 3D awsome!!! I will be buying an other one!!! I highly recommend this Revo P3!!!

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    Revo P3 review

    Posted by Jim Winn on Sep 22nd 2016

    This is an awesome flying plane. It has fantastic slow 3D ability which allows more time to perform each maneuver. For me this means I can practice things like rollers at a much slower pace and much lower to the ground which I think is key to mastering these maneuvers. The rudder and elevator are large which equates to great pitch and yaw authority. KE sharp turns are dramatic! Some biplanes have a tendency to wobble a bit on rollers but the Revo seems perfectly balanced. This is also an extremely easy plane to hover. The materials for the build and first class. I did a build video on mine that can be viewed here:

  • 5

    Posted by Bob Eastman on Sep 20th 2016

    I just got this model and I already can tell this model is my favorite. It just moves so freely. Its very durable and the scheme is awesome. Thanks Twisted Hobbys! I will be back for more.

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