TH 37" EPP Revo P3 Biplane - Black -

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RCF Revo P3 - Black


We welcome another wild yet beautiful amazing creation from Rcfactory’s team the Revo P3.  This new EPP biplane is a super-acrobatic biplane inspired by an actual world renown Revolution P3 aircraft flown by Skip Stewart.  Special wing core shaping has been developed specifically for this model creating a sharp precision flight yet allowing the 3d beast to come out with-in on command!   As expected RcFactory's attention to all details shows in keeping this model light weight yet durable with hardware and construction highest in its class.  Twisted Hobbys has focused on creating a unique power system matched perfectly for your Revo P3 which will increase flight time and allow for the ultimate in flight experience.  * Spinner not included *   Two different power systems are now available for the V3 models.  The 58g motor/20A ESC (PC11) setup is ideal for light weight and slower flying acrobatics, or the 72g motor/30A ESC (PC72.5) setup which is heavier setup with more thrust.
Model Spec's:
  •   Wing Span = 37"
  •   AUW: 15-16.5oz (depending on components used)
  •   Full EPP construction
  •   Carbon Fiber landing gear
  •   EPP Durability
Recommended Power System:
Power System Components:
Other Requirements:
  •   Receiver  4 - 6 ch: Link 
  •   3s 1000/1500mah Lipo: Link
  •   Adhesive Glue :   Link
Build Resources & Replacement Parts Links:


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9 Reviews

  • Posted by lawrence bibeau on Jun 10th 2020


    Revo Bipe landing gear

    This is a great flying airplane and will do just about everything. If you fly of grass, such as a ball field the landing gear design will not hold up. do not like the carbon fiber gear and small wheels. I ended up with a wire landing setup with much larger wheels. Problem solved!

  • Posted by Roger on Nov 15th 2019



    Totally amazing full blown 3D performer! I have had
    many biplanes that fell short, but this plane exceeded all my expectations. Another winner from Twisted Hobbys.