TH 39" EPP FLASH - Nebula

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TH 39 FLASH - Nebula


The Flash is an improvement of the original 3D trainer that used to be produced under the same name. Although the main parameters remained the same, the model was totally re-engineered for easier and straightforward build.  The model, which was originally designed as all-around 3D trainer capable of anything you might ask from it, was re-introduced after concentrated demand from our customers. You will appreciate the forgiving characteristics and smooth, linear response of this model - it will make your learning new 3D maneuvers a breeze.

Those that are familiar with the previous 39” models will appreciate the new hardware and construction methods with adjustable push rod assemblies EPP bracing techniques for easy assembly. While creating a new ground up air-frame the duel aileron servos were re-located to create a plush/clean look. The over all flight envelope has increased greatly giving a sense of unreal control authority and increased roll rate was also achieved with the addition of outer counter balance tabs. This model was designed for the pilot wanting to learn the “next step” and also those who choose a balsa 3d model alternative.  * Spinner sold separately *

  Wing Span = 39"
  AUV: 375-390g (depending on components used)
  Full EPP construction
  Carbon Fiber landing gear
  Extra-large control surfaces
  Incredible control authority
  Smooth pattern performance
  Ideal 3D trainer
  EPP Durability.
Recommended Required Components:
  45-60g 1000kv brush-less motor
  20-30A ESC
  Micro Receiver
  (4) 10-16g Servo’s
  10x3.8/10x4.7 Slow Fly Prop
  3s 600-1200mah Lipo   

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4 Reviews

  • Posted by Roger Sprandel on Mar 22nd 2019


    Great flyer

    Well pleased with this little bird. Not only does great 3D, but tracks very well. The only change I made was to mount the aileron servos 5 inches out from the fuse side and
    made a cut out to mount. This is to help even the force for the length of the aileron.....then covered the pre-cut holes in fuse side with 1/32" ply to strengthen. Otherwise the build is more simple than some of the other Twisted Hobbies planes. (builds like the Hacker Edge V540's) Used 20A ESC, 22/12/1250 mtr with 10x4.5 slofly prop, (gives 190 watts @ 20 amps at 12.4 v) 1000 mah 3 cell, and 12g metal gear servos. Flying weight came in at 16.1 oz. I get 5 minute flights doing constant 3D flying. Sport flying going easy can give
    6 to 6 1/2 minutes. I recommend it,
    and eventually will probably buy the other color scheme called the Rain.

  • Posted by Dave on Sep 30th 2018


    39" Flash Nebula

    The build was easier and more straightforward than the other RC factory 39"s I've built. Fewer steps and some improvements. Not a fan of the clevis design. Much too fussy.
    This is a really nice plane which flies differently for me than either my TH Edge or Crack Yak. I feel it tracks better and draws better lines. Precision moves like point and slow rolls are easy and consistent. Low and slow 3D is outstanding and really stable. One area where it is a little behind the other 39"s is in flipping moves, like knife edge pushes (Vortex). However KE spins look great and are very consistent. All in all, if you have some of the other 39" offerings this one is still really worth getting, as it has a unique and very cool feel. Don't let the 3D trainer thing throw you. While it can be that, it is also a super precise and capable freestyle platform for experienced flyers.