TH 41" EPP AIR TRUCK - Orange

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TH 41" Air Truck - Orange
  • TH 41" EPP  AIR TRUCK - Orange
  • TH 41" EPP  AIR TRUCK - Orange
  • TH 41" EPP  AIR TRUCK - Orange
  • TH 41" EPP  AIR TRUCK - Orange
  • TH 41" EPP  AIR TRUCK - Orange
  • TH 41" EPP  AIR TRUCK - Orange


Welcoming another awesome series of EPP models by Rc Factory.  The 41" EPP Air Truck was originally designed to tow the Stigra glider given it's great power and flight characteristics while having the ability tow just any glider its now become very enjoyable to fly by itself.   Models flight performance is very predictable, so that even less experienced pilots can tow gliders for the first time, without worries.  The V-tail may look surprising on such plane but it is best for towing, obviously - the tow line is routed between the V planes and doesn't bother the pilot by interfering with the rudder.  Designed by the electric pylon racing world champion Jan Sedlacek, hence the idea to use it in fun pylon races!   Air Truck racing is actually becoming very popular in Europe right now and is growing!  
The wings are removable, attached by two plastic screws making transporting this larger model much easier.   With a full fuse style fuselage design allows for all  electronic to be nicely stored away from site.  The battery bay cover lid is held in place by magnets so that you can change the battery fast and easily.  While the Air Truck is used for pulling gliders, sport flying its also a great used as an aileron trainer.   

Model Specs:

  • Wingspan: 41.5"  
  • Length:  37.5"
  • AUW: 21-25 oz.
Required Power System link: 
Power system components: Other Requirements:
  • Receiver  4 - 6 ch: Link 
  • 3s 1300/1800mah Lipo: Link
  • Adhesive Glue :   Link

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