TH 43" EPP Crack Turbo BIG Beaver "Apache"

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TH 43 BB

Introducing the 43" EPP Crack Turbo Beaver, AKA The Big Breaver!  The BIG Beaver represents the ultimate in RC fun in a BIG way!!  Equally at home in bush style flying and extreme 3D, the Big Beaver is also surprisingly precise and offers unparalleled durability.  The huge EPP tires easily roll over gravel, dirt, rocks, tall grass, and other airplanes.  The unique X-shaped fuselage design adds scale looks in the air as well as extreme stiffness with no need for additional carbon bracing, while the rolled cowl and canopy add to the scale outline and lend tremendous strength to the front of the aircraft.

Designed and developed by Twisted Hobbys team members Chris Jewett and Cody Wojcik, the Crack Turbo Beaver takes the extreme design philosophy that produced the renowned Crack Yak, Crack Pitts, and Crack Laser and gives the Crack treatment to the famous DeHavilland Turbo Beaver bush plane.   RCFactory adds their world-class manufacturing techniques and the highest quality EPP foam available.  The result is just about as much fun as you can have with an RC airplane!  Harriers, hovers, precise knife-edge, rolling harriers, flat spins, snap rolls, and other high-performance aerobatics compliment the traditional loops and barrel rolls you would expect from a high-wing plane.  Being nearly indestructible means you can fly between trees, spot-land on your picnic table, and try other crazy things that you'd never do with a balsa airplane.

Equipped with 4-6 servos, a 3s 1350mah battery, and 72 gram motor, the Crack Turbo BIG Beaver is exceptionally versatile and will fly well on a wide variety of equipment and CG placements.  Of course, Twisted Hobbys keeps everything simple as always with a proven plug-and-play power combo that provides great performance at a reasonable price.  Twisted Hobbys Big Beaver Power Combo.

Although the Big Beaver is an all out do anything monster of a plane, it can be flown on a basic 4ch setup.  However, pair your Big Beaver with any computerized radio and 6ch RX and enable flaperons and spoilerons for even more fun and capability!  Near-vertical stalled descents with the spoilers up.  Incredible upright harriers with the flaps in the up position and even more incredible inverted harriers with the flaps in the full down position.  Fly low-speed scale-type flying with the flaps down or use the additional drag of the flaps for extremely high alpha knife edges.  And if you like fun-fly style flying combine flap to elevator mix for super-tight loops to add even more depth to the BB's repertoire. 

Adding even more capability for the advanced pilot is a new and major innovation with the Big Beaver, Leading Edge Flaps!  Leading edge "flaps", unlike leading edge "slats" that are designed to promote airflow over the top of the wing, are control surfaces in the front of the wing.  They provide for increased roll authority especially at slow stalled speeds, increased wing angle of attack for those ultra short takeoffs and for harriers they provide even greater drag that promotes better handling by increasing the power setting as well as ensuring the wing is completely stalled reducing the amount of rudder input required to eliminate wing rock.  The leading edge flaps are optional and TONS of fun for experienced pilots.  They can be operated with a 6ch RX using a Y harness to the ailerons but a 7 or more channel RX is preferred so that each surface can be operated independently. 

We recommend the Crack Turbo Beaver and Big Beaver for those pilots looking for an airplane that can do it all.  It has an extremely wide flight envelope and is a great tool for expanding your skill set.

Model specs:
  Wingspan = 43"
  AUW = 630g (depending on setup and battery size)
  4-7ch (7 ch radio required for flap option)
Recommended required components:
  72g 1170kv Out-Runner
  30A ESC
  (4) 14g servos
  (2) 5g servos
  3s 1350mah with 10x3.8 prop