TH 43" EPP EDGE 540 XL - Green

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RCF 43" EDGE XL Green


Go insane! From the realm of "flies like balsa, costs and repairs like foam" arrived a new model from Rc Factory, the 43" EPP Edge 540 XL. Loosely based on the full size Edge, the unmatched Red Bull Air Race (TM) competitor, the Rc Factory's goal was to parallel Twisted Hobbys team pilot Cody Wojcik's legendary Veloxity performance while create a fresh appeal.
Model Spec's:
  •   Wingspan/Length = 42/43"
  •   AUW = 27-30oz. 
Required Power System Link:
Power System Components:
Other Requirements:
  •   Receiver/Radio  4 - 6 ch: Link  
  •   3s 1800/2200mah Lipo: Link
  •   Adhesive Glue :   Link
Build Resources & Replacement Parts Links:

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9 Reviews

  • Posted by Erik P on May 18th 2021


    Exceptional 3D Flyer

    This was my first profile plane and I’ve got to say I’m really happy with it. Flies incredibly stable at normal speeds, parachutes when stalled. High alpha is a bit wonky, really likes to tip back and forth a bit and very touchy. Easiest plane I have ever hovered, you can pop it up and leave the right stick centered for a few seconds till it starts rolling. This thing doesn’t know the difference between knife edge and inverted flight, it just flies straight. However there is a fine line on the types of 3D stunts it can do since it doesn’t have much inertia. All and all this plane is very addicting and I will be coming back to twisted hobbies in the future.

  • Posted by Steve on May 20th 2020


    EPP Edge 540 XL 43"

    This was a fun build and the PDF file instructions covered everything I needed to know to build it. I used both Foam-Tac and Welders glue to hold everything together depending on the joint. The 50 amp speed control I was going to use did not have a strong enough SBEC so I am waiting for a new one before I can fly it.