TH 43" EPP EDGE 540 XL

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  • TH 43" EPP EDGE 540 XL
  • TH 43" EPP EDGE 540 XL
  • TH 43" EPP EDGE 540 XL
  • TH 43" EPP EDGE 540 XL
  • TH 43" EPP EDGE 540 XL
  • TH 43" EPP EDGE 540 XL
  • TH 43" EPP EDGE 540 XL


Go insane! From the realm of "flies like balsa, costs and repairs like foam" arrived a new model from Rc Factory, the 43" EPP Edge 540 XL. Loosely based on the full size Edge, the unmatched Red Bull Air Race (TM) competitor, the Rc Factory's goal was to parallel Twisted Hobbys team pilot Cody Wojcik's legendary Veloxity performance while create a fresh appeal.

Model Spec's:
  Wingspan/Length = 42/43"
  AUW = 27-30oz.
Recommended Setup:
  (4) Metal Gear 14-18g (digital)
  70-100g Out-runner (250-450 Watts)
  30-45A ESC
  3s 1350-2200mah lipo
  11x4.7-12.6 Prop

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5 Reviews

  • 5
    Great Gift from a Friend

    Posted by Gordon Goddard on Feb 28th 2018

    My friend Mike liked this plane so much he thought I needed one. What a great plane! Flies awesome. Love it!

  • 5
    Very nice plane at an amazing price.

    Posted by Rob on Feb 23rd 2018

    The 43" Edge lives up to every expectation I had of it. Just as said by Twisted Hobbies, the 43" Edge flies like Balsa. So not kidding. Harriers are ultra stable, inverted harriers the same. Parachutes are so freaking cool too. Holds a hover at about 3/8th throttle. Mash the gas pedal and it's ballistic missile fast...straight up! I am so impressed, I may get another just cuz. Lol. My son liked it so much, he's decided he now needs one. ALL in all, if any of you are looking for a fun flyer you can toss in the car and fly almost immediately, with no fuss the Twisted Hobbies 43" Edge just might be up your alley.

  • 5
    Flies Better than Veloxity

    Posted by Mike Carroll on Feb 20th 2018

    I flew this plane today. I can't believe how stable and agile this one is. I was flying in a 10 mph cross wind and the plane didn't know the difference. By the time I had flown the 4th battery I was in love. It is the best Twisted Hobbys plane that I have flown and I have a stable full! I have the Veloxity and everyone raves about it and I agree it’s great, but the Edge 540 XL takes it up a notch. The only difference between the two planes physically is the Edge has a sleeker fuselage and a bigger elevator; probably 10 square inches or so bigger than the Veloxity. The Veloxity has a rectangular shaped elevator the Edge has an irregular shaped elevator and with a larger surface and great throws it does unbelievable snap loops. I love this plane and I agree with Roy Rauch who wrote a review. I think this flies better than the Veloxity. I highly recommend it! My only negative is that I don’t like green, but will live with it; one painted red would have done the trick for me!

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