TH 47" EPP Stigra Glider - Blue

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TH 48" Stigra - Blue


Stigra is Rc Factory first glider, based their extensive experience in aerobatic as well as team members slope flying history together. The Stigra has incredible flying characteristics, thanks to oversized ailerons and full flying stab with up to + - 90 degree throws.   The model can be towed by Rc Factory 41" EPP Air Truck which it was originally designer for.  You release the tow line by a short full deflection of the rudder and the fun may begin.  
Construction is fairly easy to build and designed with easy to remove locked in place wings with the help of magnets.   The canopy is easily removable, fixed with a plastic tab and again, magnets.    Depending on electronics used, depending on the servos you are using you may be required to use a separate BEC controller to control voltage to servos, we recommend checking your voltage going to your servos if you use a lipo directly to receiver. 
Model Spec's:
  • Wingspan = 47"
  • Length = 36"
  • AUW = 14-23oz (depending on setup)
Recommend components:
Other Requirements:
  • Receiver  4 - 6 ch: Link 
  • 2s 600mah Lipo: Link
  • Adhesive Glue :   Link
  • BEC voltage regulator: Link
Build Reference:
  • PDF Manual Link
  • Build Video Reference Link
  • RcGroups Discussion: Link
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