TH 48" EPP Extra 300 Purple

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RcF 48 Extra P
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When it comes to larger EPP models, we haven't stopped pushing the limit! If you are looking for a larger 3D EPP model that can be flown in heavier winds then the 48" Extra 300L is for you.  With over-sized control surfaces and generous wing and side area, the new Extra feels equally at home in slow 3D and precision.  Borrowing design elements from the 48" Sbach while improving in areas to allow for more extreme 3D and a crisper feel, the Extra 300L is sure to be a winner and a great addition to any hanger. The larger size will not only allow you to fly in less than ideal conditions, but also allows for greater visibility and rock-solid stability. Includes a complete hardware pack with carbon landing gear, wheels, wheel pants and steerable tail wheel assembly.  * Spinner sold separately *

  • Wingspan = 48”
  • Length = 48”
  • AUW = 26-32oz.

Recommended Setup:

  • (4) Metal Gear 14-18g (digital)
  • 70-100g Out-runner (250-450 Watts)
  • 30-45A ESC
  • 3s 1800-2200mah lipo
  • 11x4.7-12.6 Prop


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5 Reviews

  • 5
    Best 48'' foamy I have flown

    Posted by Cory Musich on Sep 30th 2018

    This is a great plane to own. What a blast to fly at the park.

  • 5
    TH 48" EPP Extra 300 Purple

    Posted by Robert Vaught on Sep 12th 2018

    I just bought this plane and haven't started assembly yet. I have a number of TH planes and would give them all 5 stars. I bought this plane per the advice of Andrew Grant (who also does the demo in the flight video). I will submit another review once I assemble the plane and get in a few test flights.

  • 5
    2018 update

    Posted by ZX12RMCKEE on Aug 26th 2018

    Here is my 2018 update.

    First, this plane is still my go to and I fly it every day. Wind or no wind, its a perfect flier.

    I fly approximately 100 flights per week on this plane. After my last 500, I figured it was time for an update.

    1: I fly on a paved runway, and upgraded to a Sullivan tail wheel.

    2: I snapped the carbon wing spar 3/4" from the root on the right wing pulling out of a square loop. It make a loud crack in the air (I have it on video) and I was able to land the plane without any further injury. Only the top carbon wing spar broke. I fixed this using a .070x .437 x 24" Carbon Strip, centered on the plane. It stiffened up the plane so much that it squares corners even better now. The fix was as simple as cutting along the existing spar, and after sliding the new spar in centered in the plane, CA'ing it in place.

    3: Servo Update: My servo's are getting so beaten up from how hard I fly that the fluttering and lack of maintaining center is occurring during flight. That said, It's also been over 90 degrees every day, and the servo's are so hot after each flight they are hot to the touch. Soon, I will do the upgrade in the previous post to the servo's. I will post an update.

    4: Motor is holding up fine, but I think I probably need a bearing at this point as it is making some noise. I won't worry about it because I've been flying my Crack Yak Mini since 2015 with the same motor it came with, which also makes the same noise and it still functions fine--and I start each day with 10 flights on that plane to warm up, and it easily has over 1000 hard flights (and several "oops moments") on it, and still flies awesome.

    Thanks again TH for a great airfoil and airframe. I enjoy flying these models to a great degree, and after flying a fellow members Crack Bipe, I'll be getting one of those as well.

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