VA-Model 41" Extra 330sc EPP Full Fuse - Yellow -

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VA Extra 330sc Yellow


Welcome to full fuse EPP construction, increase flight envelope and added tumbles associated with larger balsa models all while having EPP Foam durability!   All VA-models are crafted in Europe giving you ultra light weight high detailed EPP construction.  The Extra 330sc is a full acrobatic model based on real master acrobatic special Extra 330 SC. Realistic and dynamic flight characteristics that will appreciate it for beginners as well as advanced pilots.

CNC / Laser manufactured for highest quality EPP foam air-frame best its class.  Semi construction of fuse which speeds building, most of the air-frame is constructed from EPP with great attention to detailed graphics, which combine elegance with ferocity.  Graphics design is unique and high detailed as is all construction parts.    Model has removable landing gear so transporting isn’t an issue!

Model Spec's:
  Wingspan/Length = 41/41.5"
  AUW = 22-25oz. (depending on setup)
Recommended Setup:
  (4) Metal Gear 9-14g 
  70-100g Out-runner (200-300 Watts)
  30-45A ESC
  3s 1350-1800 lipo
  10x3.8 - 11x5.5 Prop
   (3) 9" / (2) 6" Servo extension

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  • Posted by Roger on Nov 6th 2019



    Ok, so first only 4 stars because of the tedious build and directions that left some detail to be figured out. However, I did finish her correctly. My setup is a leopard 450 motor. 11x5.5 APC prop and used a 3 cell 2200 mah 40c battery. This gave 6-7 minutes of hard flying. The battery area is limited, but the CG was perfect with space provided. The AUW with battery is 23 oz. Used 13 gm metal gear servos with 29 oz of torque. With over 400 watts of power she is fast and tracks beautifully. Elevators are great and harriers well. The spin rate is ridiculously fast.....I put in about 50 degrees of aileron throw! However, hovering is just ok, as she wants to fall over even with full rudder input and lots of throttle control... ...and it has a BIG rudder. I tried changing CG, but no better. Knife edge takes almost full rudder input and near max throttle. I made larger side force generators 4 inches wide extending back past ailerons......some help, but still hard to do slower low knife edge. Knife edge snap rolls are good. Overall, in spite of the less then 5 star knife edge and hovering, I really like this plane and it's fun to fly. I can fly it in the park close to me and harrier in for pin point landings at my space is limited. For me a full fuse plane just does not have the side area like the RC Factory 48" Sbach and Hacker Models 39" Edge 540.....and multitudes of other awesome flying planes from Twisted Hobbys. Bottom line, I found the overall performance above my expectations when I ordered it.