VA-Model 55" EPP FULL FUSE - Decathlon - Red -

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VA Decathlon Red


Welcome to full fuse EPP construction, increase flight envelope and added tumbles associated with larger balsa models all while having EPP Foam durability!   All VA-models are crafted in Europe giving you ultra light weight high detailed EPP construction.  The Decathlon gives realistic and dynamic flight characteristics that will appreciate it for beginners as well as advanced pilots.

Model based on the real Bellanca Decathlon airplane made in America in the 1970s which in combination of original template and VA-Models main design idea. Aircraft flight exposure is very balanced and plane behaves very neutral and harmless in all phases of flight.  

Very easy to assembly, extremely tough, very stable even for beginner modelers.   CNC / Laser manufactured for highest quality EPP foam air-frame best its class.  Semi construction of fuse which speeds building, most of the air-frame is constructed from EPP with great attention to detailed graphics.  Wings are removable and the fuselage is spatial and it is completely assembled in the kit. Almost all RC components can be install inside the fuselage, thus avoiding interference with the aesthetic appearance of the model.

Model Spec's:
  Wingspan/Length = 55" / 39.5"
  AUW = 24-26oz. (depending on setup)
Recommended Setup:
  (4) 9-14g servos
  45-72g Out-runner (180-250 Watts)
  30-45A ESC
  3s 1800-2200 lipo
  10x3.8 - 10x4.7 Prop

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