APC 11x4.6 3D Slow Fly Prop

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APC 11x4.6


These APC 3D Slow Fly props are one of the best 3D Slow Fly props we have tested here at Twisted Hobbys. 

APC worked their magic and created a durable light weight well balanced and accurate props perfect for our Twisted Hobbys models.  Adapters included, we recommend 5mm adapter for 50-60g TWM or Crack Series out runner motors.

Hub Thickness: 0.21 in.
Shaft/Hub Diameter: 6.3mm/8.0 mm (adapters 3.2mm,5.mm,6.mm)
Product Weight: 10.g
Color: GREY

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1 Reviews

  • Posted by Gary Baecker on Sep 3rd 2020


    Wow! Really noticed a difference, just gotta fly more but, happy with the product & service

    I would recommend to anyone, I wasn’t aware APC had this thanks