Carbon Fiber 43" CY XL - Horn Kit

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Twisted Hobbys Carbon Fiber upgrade its have set the standard for extreme ultimate HQ hardware parts for the best air-frames in their class.   The Crack Yak-55 XL customers have express the need to go above and beyond the standard hardware and to create the best strength and machined quality carbon fiber parts.   We have crafted and machined all the replacement parts in ultra HQ carbon fiber into multiple kits so customers can pick and choice upgrades accordingly.  
1x Elevator Servo Arm
1x Elevator Toque Tube Arm
1x Right Aileron Servo Arm
1x Left Aileron Servo Arm
1x Right Aileron Control Horn
1x Left Aileron Control Horn
1x Rudder Servo Arm
1x Rudder Control Horn

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