ESC Twisted Hobbys 18A Reverser 4D (reversible direction)

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ESC 18A Reverser


We finally have a solution for those whom desire a variable pitched prop 4D setup with out all the added components and complexity in an all-in-one easy to use ESC.  We've created a super fast reversible ESC which can easily be setup in today's new controllers (refer to video for setting up throttle curve).    Note that this ESC can also work just like a standard ESC with full 0-100 throttle positioning.

Used for all our smaller EPP models.  We recommend a 2s-3s lipo with 1500-1800kv (lower kv motors) along with a the new APC 4D props.   Each ESC have each been constructed with (1) female JST connector and (3) 2mm bullet connectors allowing for a true plug and play setup.

Warranty:  This setup can have a strong effect on motor mount which can damage air frame, we recommend running smaller diameter props for the Lite or Super lite models to watch reverse thrust forces to ensure no damage will happen. 


  • Continuous 18A,Burst 22A+ (10 sec's)
  • Input: 2-4s Lipo
  • BEC : 5v/4A Switch BEC
  • pwm: 8k-16k
  • Measurement: 28x15x5mm
  • Weight: 11.5g  

Recommended Prop Setup to run 4d setup:

  • APC 4D 8-9 Props.

Alternative Graupner Prop 4d setup:

Video For for Setting up Throttle Curve which must be done for forward and reverse movement.

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2 Reviews

  • Posted by Dave on Sep 28th 2020


    18 Amp reversible ESC

    Having lots of fun with this thing. Got it on a Crack Yak Super Lite, 340 Eflite motor, TH reversible prop and 450/3 cell battery.

  • Posted by Rich on Sep 26th 2019


    Reversible ESC

    I installed this in an older Crack Yak on which I decided to try some 4D. The video link on the product page for throttle set up got me in the air in no time and it works great. If youare afraid of delicate contra-rotating props, this is just the ticket. I am using a 3S battery with the Graupner 4D props Twisted offers.