Hacker Model SD SUZANNE Harbor Tug Boat

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  • Hacker Model  SD SUZANNE  Harbor Tug Boat
  • Hacker Model  SD SUZANNE  Harbor Tug Boat
  • Hacker Model  SD SUZANNE  Harbor Tug Boat


The SD EILEEN, SD DEBORAH, SD CHRISTINA and SD SUZANNE workboats are produced by the Dutch company DAMEN. They were commissioned between 2010 and 2012 and serve on ROYAL NAVY bases.

This kit includes all parts for building the ship, i.e. frames, planking strips, deck and superstructure parts, which are precisely laser cut. The kit also includes all the parts of the bridge, the superstructure and the engine (motors not included), which are manufactured in 3D printing by laser sintering.  The scale model for true models, like its full-size counterpart, is propelled and steered by 2 azimuthal thrusters at the rear and a bow thruster at the front.

Technical data :

  • Scale: approx. 1/24
  • Length: 880mm
  • Width: 390mm
  • Height: 593mm
  • Weight: approximately 15kg

Contents of the box:

  • Set of wooden parts for the construction of the hull and superstructures
  • All mechanical parts in SLS 3D printing
  • Set of SLS 3D printed fittings parts
  • Construction plans and instructions in French (translation carried out by TecniModel)
Required materials (not included):
  • CA Glue & Activator Spray
  • UHU Allplast
  • Wood
  • Glue Glass Fabric and Resin
  • Spray Paint & Coating Paints

Equipment necessary for navigation (not included):

  • Minimum 3-way radio control (programmable radio control recommended for independent management of motors and thrusters)
  • 2 Class 500/600 electric motors for propulsion ( 6000-8000rpm under 12v)
  • 1 Class 380/400 or 500/600 electric motor (adaptation required) for the bow thruster ( 2,000-3,000 rpm under 12v)
  • 1 or 2 speed variators for propulsion motors
  • 1 Speed ​​variator for the bow thruster motor 
  • 2 Ø3.2/Ø4mm couplings for propulsion motors
  • 1  Coupling Ø2.3/Ø4mm ( class 380/400 motor) or Ø3.2/Ø4mm (  class 500/600 motor) for the bow thruster motor
  • 2 standard size servos of minimum 6kg
  • 1 12V propulsion battery or 3S 11.1V LiPo battery (access hatch: 165x105mm)
  • Around 12kg of ballast
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