LED Ultra Light kit - Blue/White

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Small LED light kit


Fits all 22-35" EPP models depending on location of mounting. Now you can fly when the sun goes down!

The Ultra Light Led Kits are fully pre-assembled ready to plug directly into your receiver which give you a true plug and play kits with out the hassle.  With our new second generation construction these kit are even more durable than the original kits which is ideal for learning 3D with our models. Weighing a mere 4 grams and only consuming a 1/2 watt you wont even know they are there let alone reduce the over all run times!!

Each kit is custom hand built in the USA to ensure the lightest weight and highest quality micro LED kits for our 22-35" EPP models.  Each of the LED's kits are hand micro soldered components with correct length wires are ready to be mounted to your model. 

No instructions are needed or required, simply tack down wires with your favorite EPP glue and you finished! All wire lengths are made to reach any of our 22-35" models SFG's which allows them to shine on both the top and bottom of the main wings. With 1 blue and 1 white LED for each wing tip allows easy visual night orientation (4 LED light in total)

A standard servo/connector is also pre-wired ready to plug into a spare receiver port of your receiver (4.8/5.0 volts which powers the unit).  Average loss of run time is only 20-30 sec's!

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5 Reviews

  • Posted by Ray Lepper on Aug 7th 2019


    Definitely fun

    Installation is super easy. Blue lights show up great. The whole bottom of the fuse is bathed in blue light. The while lights on top are ok. More points of light rather than illuminating the upper fuse. Not sure what's the difference. Still, I like 'em a lot!

  • Posted by CHARLES LEDBETTER on Feb 26th 2018


    Good kit, not controllable from your radio

    The kit comes with a plug that goes into the receiver and two long wires with the LEDs near the ends. Note that each end has ONE blue, and ONE white. If you want all blue on one side and all white on the other, you'll have to do some moving and soldering.

    Also, note that this kit as-is CANNOT be controlled by your radio. The LEDs are always on.