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Foam TAC 1oz Tube
FoamTac 1oz tube
  • BEACON FOAM TAC - 1 oz. TUBE -  EPP Models
  • BEACON FOAM TAC - 1 oz. TUBE -  EPP Models
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Expect the freshest Beacon Foam Tac glue(s) from Twisted Hobbys due to high turn over.  New redesigned tube and cap!  Great alternative to Welder Adhesive glue and CA glues when building your EPP models.  FOAM-TAC’S improved formula now contains UV blockers so that it can be used in the field in direct sunlight without any yellowing or degrading. We’ve also added a special adhesion promoter to make the glue even stronger and more durable than before.   Hands down, Foam-Tac is the best choice for  building  and repairing all parts of foam planes including motor mounts,  control horns and rods, attaching servos, and tacking down wires.
 Key features why Twisted Hobbys uses Beacon Foam tac glues on all EPP models:
  • Foam-Tac never yellows or becomes brittle.
  • Very low odor, no fumes.
  • Dries fast and crystal clear.
  • Never foams or expands or needs a kicker.
  • Remains flexible. Glue joints flex with the foam, preventing separation from hard impacts.
  • Long shelf life –up to 2 years if properly stored away from heat and with white cap replaced.  If white cap is lost, remove applicator cap and put a small piece of aluminum foil over the opening and then replace the applicator. Store at room temperature.
  • No need to store in the fridge or freezer.
  • Works on ALL types of foam including Depron, EPP, EPO, Styrofoam, insulating foam, and even florist’s foam, as well as with balsa wood and carbon fiber.
  • Great for waterproofing.
Includes: (1) 1 oz tube
Note: How much glue per model?   We recommend at least (1) 1 oz for all smaller models, and (2) 1 oz tubes for all 35" and larger models.
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40 Reviews

  • 5
    Works great

    20 to 30 minute bond time is great for any adjustments if necessary!

  • 5

    First time to use this product and it is great stuff. Will use it from now on.

  • 5

    Best glue for foam airplanes, better than CA

  • 5
    Foam Tac

    Used Welders for years and was reluctant to switch but after 3 builds I am convinced this is a better product. Does not yellow and dry out like Welders. Maybe not quite as strong initially but strong enough and looks better. Even used it to repair a car interior piece the other day.

  • 5

    The plane flys great the power pack work great. Thanks!

  • 5
    Foam Tac

    Works quicker than Welders and not as stringy. PITA to remove from fingers. I found that BSI de-bonder works well to remove from fingers. A little goes a long way...Would recommend.

  • 5
    Foam Tac

    Quick drying and strong. Won't get brittle and yellow over time like Welders.

  • 5

    Cracked a wing on a UMX Timber, Followed the directions on thew bottle, repaired wing. So far I have encountered no problems. Would recommend and will buy again when needed.

  • 5

    This glue works great. I use it on way more than just my foamies . Works fast and strong!

  • 5
    Love the clear set


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