Prop 12x6 Beech Wood Electric HQ

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HQ 12x6 E Wood


Excellent option for those that want higher quality and extremely accurate balancing over nylon props.  Our Twisted Hobby's Beech-wood electric props are a prefect choice for high rpm and stiffer strength over our slow-fly props.  We have tested these against other electric props and are surprised how well they balance and delivery excellent output in trust while lowering amps/watts compared to nylon props.

Works great with 70-100g motors.


Size: 12 x 6 in
Weight: 23g 
Hub: 6mm

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1 Reviews

  • Posted by Unknown on Oct 25th 2018


    Wood prop

    The thing that I like the most about wooden props are, they are light and spool up faster and if you hit the ground on landing you won't brake your fire wall.