1 3/4" White EPP Nose Cone Spinner - Prop Saver Motors

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Finally, the ultimate solution for an ultra light weight nose cone for our small prop saver style motors.   Not only do these look good, but can provide even greater durability to your EPP model by preventing damages from hard nose impacts.


Connect the provided short pin (3,2/2 mm) with the hole in the propeller. There must be 3 mm opening in the propeller.  If using a smaller opening hub is can easily adjust to size with a scissors or hobby knife, no drill needed.  Then Insert pin into coupling tube hole in plastic liner, for the cone to hold well the connection must go on tightly.  Glue is not required.  Adjust nose cone point to spin true with applying light force as you check while spinning prop by hand.    * We recommend focusing on keep spinner true for better balancing, high rpm setups take caution, this spinner is ideal for lower rpm speeds. 

Can be used with most all GWS and TFF props as well as other similar hub style props.  Will not work with APC props, must check outer prop hub size.   Note: The surface of the EPP Nose Cone may not be perfectly smooth do to manufacturing process which will not effect performance.


  • Weight (complete): 0.78 G (White), 0.93 G (Black)
  • Epp Cone (Diameter 44.5 mm, length 41 mm)
  • Plastic insert
  • Plastic Pipe 3.2/2-80 MM.

Props which work with EPP Nose Cones:

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