Prop Slow Fly TUFF 8 x 4.3 YELLOW

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Tired of your GWS props bending on the first prop strike well we have the props for you!  *We highly recommend proper prop balancing before flying*  Color yellow. 

Please note if running 3s with the 8x4.3 props HD prop savers are required also balancing is a must.


8 Reviews

  • Posted by David Peek on May 20th 2020


    Great product

    Combined with the twisted hobbies light kit these props “glow” they are bright easy to see. The propeller is also ~15% lighter than a apc8x4.7. Will be my go to propellers from here on out in this size.

  • Posted by Jason on Apr 24th 2020


    tuff 8x4.3 yellow slowfly

    Absolute best prop for 32" 3s performance. They are very durable and even with a few dings they out-perform competing brands. Bonus points: The TH LED setup for the 32" kits really lights this prop up. It glows like it's under a UV blacklight -- Really fantastic at night!