Carbon Fiber RcF "Super Lite" Upgrade Kit

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Carbon CF10
Carbon Fiber Super Lite Yak
  • Carbon Fiber RcF "Super Lite"  Upgrade Kit
  • Carbon Fiber RcF "Super Lite"  Upgrade Kit
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It doesn't get more comprehensive then this guys, upgrade it to the max!!! Our new Crack Series Super Lite Carbon Fiber Upgrade Hardware Kits are design for the 32" Super Lite Crack Yak-55 EPP models though can be used for other super like models with small modifications, not used on Crack Laser Pro  * Not intended for Rc Factory V3 Super Lite or Hacker model, there is another kit for that* 

For the extremist wanting no compromise for their EPP models!!!  (Can also be used on any 7-8mm EPP foamies) With excellent tensile strength and precision machined made in the USA these are carbon fiber parts you can truly count on.  Each Carbon Fiber parts weights similar to factory wood or plastic pieces but far exceeds the durability and strength.  Each kits comes complete with Aileron Diff Arm, Wing braces, All Control surface arms, Rod guides (longer for easier use), Extension servo arms, complete landing gear parts and Motor mount.

Warning: Do to the increased throw when using extension arms this will increased load on servos and may damage them.  Testing amp / volt drawn of servo with servo tester or recorder should be used to insure no damage will occur when using this product.  We recommend moving control rod connection as close as least needed to increase servo torque.


  • 2 - Aileron Control Surface Arms
  • 2 - Rudder/Elevator Control Surface Arms
  • 1 - Aileron Diff Servo Arm
  • 1 - Motor Mount
  • 12 - Rod guides
  • 1 - Landing Gear Frame Brace
  • 2 - Landing Gear Arm Guides
  • 2 - Landing Gear to wing Brace
  • 2 - Wing Spar Braces

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