Hacker Model 54" EPP ARA (Macaw)

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HM ARA (Macaw)
  • Hacker Model 54" EPP ARA (Macaw)
  • Hacker Model 54" EPP ARA (Macaw)
  • Hacker Model 54" EPP ARA (Macaw)
  • Hacker Model 54" EPP ARA (Macaw)


Finally a high quality RC ARA EPP (Macaw) flying bird model,­ inspired by none better then actual natures own birds.  Will fully color­ printed display resembling these real birds one would not believe they are not real from the sky!  High quality built, with box structure fuselage reinforced with plywood, with a large area wing and V­tail controlled.  Great for thermal and soaring or you can fly in strong wind too.  Controlled functions: V­-tail, motor and ailerons for better maneuverability.  Constructed with highest quality EPP “almost unbreakable” material manufacturing today.  The kit contains: box structure fuselage, wing panels, V-­tails, rubber O-­rings, push rods, complete hardware as well as printed manual.   Time to sore like a bird!  Also we have a matched Power Combo which removing any guess work for all electronics required.  Also available AutoPilot and Voice Module:

Model specs:
 Weight: from 650g
 Wingspan: 1375mm
 Length: 775mm
 4ch = Radio w/ V tail mixing
Recommended required components:
  40-50g 1100-1200kv Out-Runner
  22-30A ESC
  (4) 9-14g servos
  3s 1500-2200mah
  8x4 or 9x5 Prop






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