RcF Control Rod Snap-In Links Black (4 pc's)

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Control Rod Snap-In Links


These unique snap-in type control link are used similar to z-bend style of control horn connections. 


  • Easy snapped on and off connection
  • Very durable material that is not brittle.


  • 4 pc's = Snap-In Control links

Assembly notes: CA Glue or Welder Adhesive Glue Method is required to join carbon fiber rod to Snap-in links.  Twisted Hobbys recommends Welders Adhesive and allowing the glue harden rather then the CA method since CA glue can drip/run.    Please note when prepping control surface or servo arms holes for these snap links hole diameter must be .063 (1/16) to function correctly. 

Snap-Link instrustion manual


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2 Reviews

  • Posted by Ben on Nov 14th 2019


    Snap Link

    These are an easy method of attachment. Be careful when heating the shrink tube that secures the snap link to the carbon fiber rod that you don't melt the snap part of the link like I did!!!

  • Posted by Chris D. on Aug 6th 2017


    Snap Links

    The kits come with a couple spares of these, but never hurts to have a few more on hand. A very clever design and so much better than the days of z-bends and shrink tubing.