TH-4S15D 2-4s Lipo battery charger 30W 1.5A. With Dual USB charging option

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TH-4S15D charger


This simple charger will do the job: to charge a 2-4s battery just by plugging the balance connector in, without any need for further adjustment.   We also created an option for those that would like to charge via USB from their computers, please note you must use both USB ports to achieve 10v input.  One of the nice features with this charger is it will charge very low cell batteries unlike other chargers.  In testing we were able to pull dead battery back to life since its not limited to low voltage cells for charger.  Also it charges each cells equally which impressed us highly.
  • charging current: 1,5A
  • input voltage: 9-16V
  • cells in battery: 2-4s
  • charging power: 30W
  • charger
  • car battery charger cable
  • * NEW *dual USB port connector input cable
PDF manual: Link
Important! Never leave the charger and battery without supervision while charging. Faulty charger or damaged battery may cause fire, resulting in damage to property or human health or life
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