Twisted Hobbys Control Throw Angle-Meter Tool

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Angle Meter Tool


Finally an accurate way to set up all your control surface throws on your 3d models.  The Twisted Hobbys Angle-O-Meter is one of the most important tools need to fine tune your models.   Maximize and equal up and down throws, also correct for any differential issues as well.  One of the unique features with the Angle-O-Meter is its designed to measure up to 70 degrees in each directions.  Bold lettering always for easy to read while measuring.

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5 Reviews

  • Posted by Wayne on Jan 4th 2018


    Throw Angle-Meter Tool

    I used this on two models. The arms are fairly tight. This is good if you are trying to match the two control surfaces or perhaps the up and down throws. It would be OK if you preset the tool and then try to match the angle on the plane. Of course you have to conver the inch or mm throws to angles. If you are wanting to place it on the surface and let it swing as you adjust the surface, you would need to loosen the pivot.

  • Posted by Unknown on Aug 30th 2017



    Small and light, works great on small foam models.